Just a short but sweet blog post today.

I do tons of work with partners about what to do in labour. They learn lots of techniques to help the labouring mum both physically and emotionally but I realised sometimes they need a little help in what to say.

I draw up this handy little list for them to use during labour. Feel free to print and pop in your labour bag!


There are 50 options there so plenty for any length labour. They aren’t too airy-fairy and most guys/partners shouldn’t have any trouble finding at least a few they are comfortable saying.

I hope this keeps your birth partner saying the right thing and out of trouble!

My name is Michelle and I’m a mother to Mason and Marlie and wife to Andy. I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing practitioner in East Doncaster, Victoria.

I‘m part of a growing birth revolution where women are taking back birth, stepping into their power and realising they have options and choices when it comes to where and how they birth.

I love supporting women and their partners and seeing the transformation take place.

95% of my mums have a positive birth experience and that makes my heart sing.

Please join me. Learn how to birth powerfully and joyfully.

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