The Birth Partners Role

A question we often get asked is “does my partner have to come to the classes?” and the answer is

We get asked this question for a variety of reasons. You may feel that your partner may not understand why you want to do HypnoBirthing, your partner is sick of going to birthing classes or that its another time commitment for them when they are already busy with work.

The reason you need your partner there is that they actually have a very big role in the birthing process. During the classes, your partner will learn relaxation cues both verbal and physical, massage techniques as well as the process of birthing your baby using HypnoBirthing.

This is all very important, as they will be your ‘voice’ during the birthing process. They need to be well versed in what you want so they can inform the midwives and staff about your wishes.

Our classes are a very relaxed and fun environment. They will also get to experience deep relaxation and many partners feel great after each class.

If all else fails, get them to read this blog post I wrote called What The F@#% Is HypnoBirthing?!?

“I have to admit I was skeptical about attending HypnoBirthing classes. My wife had told me its what she wanted to do and it didn’t seem like I had a choice. We were already going to four hospital classes so it seemed like overkill to me. But it was her body after all so I agreed to go.

I was actually surprised at how much I learnt. I found these classes much more informative and practical than the hospital classes. The physiology of what happens during the birth is quite interesting and I can see how being relaxed helps with the pain. I also understood what my role was when the time came and felt much more confident that I would know what to do. Likewise, it was a really good way to spend time with my wife before the baby came. We would often do the relaxation exercises at home together just after dinner.

I’m really glad we did HypnoBirthing and would recommend it to anyone.” Andrew