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Indiana’s Birth Story

This is the birth story of my first nephew, Indiana. This birth changed everything for me. It was hard, long, humbling and eye opening. I used to pay lip service to 'any type of birth can be a great birth' but I think in reality I still thought it had to...

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The Day I Had My Bones Closed

A few weeks ago I had my bones closed. What the what I hear you say? If you’ve followed my story, you’ll know that I had a traumatic first birth. It’s hard now to put my finger on what was traumatic but I think it was a combination of many things. Being...

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Nixxon’s Birth Story

On Sunday 16th July, Mariah and I were at Cranbourne Centro to do our weekly shop. While Mariah ordered her coffee and my white hot chocolate I went to the bathroom. It was no mistake that I started losing my show and plug - it was 1:10pm. We continued on...

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Alexandre’s Birth Story

Our desire for an intervention free natural birth was achieved. We thank Michelle Clift for educating us in birthing options & HypnoBirthing techniques. Surges began early on 23rd September which was a Saturday morning around 9am. I had a hair and nail...

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Jayden’s Birth Story

This birth story is by the amazing Sarah who completed a HypnoBirthing course with me earlier this year. Enjoy. Michelle xo My Birth Story by Sarah Munro Let me start by saying birthing a baby is the most magnificent experience a women can have. I completely...

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I’ve got a secret….

OK, deep breath Michelle. You can do this. For 18 months, I’ve felt like I’ve got a big, dirty secret that I don’t want to talk about it. But lately, I’ve been coming to terms with it. I think coming clean today will help with my healing process. Here I...

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Let’s Make Some Waves Ladies

If you're anything like me, you get incredibly frustrated constantly by the total shit storm that is happening around birth and our maternity system. I could write a huge list about the issues pregnant women are facing - the pressure, the disrespect, the coercion, the...

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50 Things For Partners To Say In Labour

Just a short but sweet blog post today. I do tons of work with partners about what to do in labour. They learn lots of techniques to help the labouring mum both physically and emotionally but I realised sometimes they need a little help in what to say. I draw up this...

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Why Women Birth Differently

It’s clear that all women experience birth differently. For some, it’s the most joyous and transformational time of their lives. For others, it can be traumatic and often described as the worst experience they’ve ever had, something they never...

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