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Who Wants Free Stuff?!

Happy New Year! I hope whatever you did, it was a lovely night. We handed the kids over to the grandparents for the night so I enjoyed myself a little too much. I think it was about 5pm on New Years Day before I made it off the couch! Everyone Loves A Freebie! To get Read More

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From The Beginning to the End of Life

As the year reaches its final frantic peak before the quiet days of January, it got me thinking about what to write to you. I adore writing but the topics I write about don’t come easily to me. I wish I could call this a real blog, but an email each fortnight does not a Read More


Be The Change You Want To See

Australia is called ‘The Lucky Country’. We enjoy many opportunities in our multi-cultural, open-minded society. Most Australians experience a great quality of life. We have low pollution levels and a modern and efficient infrastructure. Our health system, whilst busy and understaffed at times, allows all Australians access to free healthcare, something not all countries have. Read More