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One Thing I Forgot During Pregnancy

I was recently approached by a paediatric occupational therapist about a course she runs and wanted to offer to my gorgeous tribe for free! When I read about what it entailed, it really struck a chord with me. When I was pregnant, I was totally and utterly focused on...

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The Best Relaxation Technique Ever

I had great feedback from my email a few weeks ago about the Best Breathing Technique Ever so I thought I would share my easiest and most reliable relaxation method. We learn lots of techniques during the HypnoBirthing course, some are long and some are short....

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The Best Breathing Technique Ever

Today I wanted to remind/teach you, the first of the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, the Calm Breath. This breath is really easy but my goodness, it is powerful. If you have done the HypnoBirthing course and you're not using this breath during pregnancy, labour...

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Your Ultimate Guide: Care Providers

I believe that 3 things contribute to an awesome birth. Want to know what they are? It's simple but oh so complex too. Your birth preparation Your mindset Your care provider/support team Today I’m going to talk about Care Providers because I’ve just finished an...

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Birthing Affirmation Printables

  I am a lover of creating a gorgeous birth space. This space should be warm, dark and cosy and extra points for looking and smelling stunning! Candles, an oil burner or diffuser, incense, music, flower, plants, a water feature, open fire and lots of soft...

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