Today I wanted to remind/teach you, the first of the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, the Calm Breath.

This breath is really easy but my goodness, it is powerful.

If you have done the HypnoBirthing course and you’re not using this breath during pregnancy, labour and every single day thereafter, do yourself a favour and get into it!

Some of you may remember this breath as Sleep Breathing. It has recently had a name change which I really like.

Ok, the breath itself.

Breathe in and out, through the nose only – don’t use your mouth. 

Inhale to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 8.

The numbers don’t matter so much, but you have to breathe out for longer than your breathe in.

Make sure you fully exhale, let all that breath go.

That is the SECRET to calming your entire nervous system!!

I use this breath;

  • To get to sleep every, single night
  • To stay calm in traffic
  • To diffuse my temper when parenting
  • To relax when I’m stressed or anxious
  • When I start any relaxation or meditation practice
  • To calm my kids – we do 3 breaths together
  • When I’m frustrated with anything
  • When I want to feel good

This simple, unassuming breathing technique is a game changer when it comes to easy, effective ways to calm yourself.

I get asked many times, why only through the nose?

You breathe much more slowly and can be far more controlled through your nose.

Breathing through the mouth is an emotional breath so nose breathing reduces the likelihood of hyperventilating. 

I would encourage you to right now, close your eyes and spend one minute Calm Breathing. When you open your eyes, pay attention to how you feel. I am certain, if you are doing it properly, you will feel great.

I hope you remember to utilise this breath every day and teach it to your children. It will serve them well forever!

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My name is Michelle and I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing Practitioner in East Doncaster, Victoria. I’m married to the lovely Andrew and mother to Mason and Marlie. I’m obsessed with anything to do with children, whether its growing them, giving birth to them or parenting them.

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