OK, deep breath Michelle. You can do this.

For 18 months, I’ve felt like I’ve got a big, dirty secret that I don’t want to talk about it. But lately, I’ve been coming to terms with it.

I think coming clean today will help with my healing process.

Here I go.

I learnt HypnoBirthing for my first birth and I had a shitty birth experience.


What the f right? Don’t I teach HypnoBirthing and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and wine advent calendars??

My habit has always been to rush over this important part of my life, this turning point really.  To push aside the facts and my experience, waving my hands saying ‘over here, look at me now’.

But this doesn’t change what happened to me. And it means I don’t accept myself and my journey if I ignore this.

So here is what happened.

My story is pretty simple in the scheme of things, but it has taken me some time to accept it, to even say it out loud.

I’ve always been embarrassed about my story but I now know that my journey was needed to get me where I am now, sharing an amazing program with couples and supporting them in their desires to have a positive, satisfying birth.

In 2012 I fell pregnant with my son, which was a huge surprise and change to my life. My pregnancy was really hard on me physically and mentally but the labour, I had no fears about the labour.

My mum was a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and she herself had sought out and had 3 gentle births for myself, my brother and my sister back in the 80’s. I learnt the hypnosis part of the program (there are 5 other parts) and thought I was ready to rock and roll. I 110% believed that if I relaxed enough, my labour would be pain free.

Cue a long, hard, painful labour that left me traumatised.

I thought HypnoBirthing sucked balls! 

Imagine my shock when I learnt less than 5% of HypnoBirthing mum’s have a pain-free labour!

My journey with post-natal depression and post traumatic stress disorder was a relatively short one. I got treatment when my son was 9 months old and felt like myself, albeit a new version of me, about a year after his birth.

When I was pregnant with Marlie, all the old fear started rolling back in. This time I armed myself with a couple of the very simple HypnoBirthing techniques – the breathing, a visualisation and an affirmation. My husband also learnt acupressure.

Holy Toledo, what a different experience!! You can read about Marlie’s birth here.

It took me about 11 months to work out what I wanted to do with my life. I couldn’t shake the feeling of Marlie’s birth and decided I wanted to share what I could with others.

I sat in the HypnoBirthing certification training and was blown away. It was such a different course to what I had learnt years earlier. It was everything I could have hoped for and more.

There was so much education now included for parents, plus the techniques! No longer was the course focussed on a pain-free birth (which is still actually possible) but focussed on a positive experience, regardless of whether mum has been induced, has a c-section or birthed in a forest!

Yes I’m biased – of course I am! 

How could I not be when 98% of the couples I teach have a positive birth experience? 98 freaking percent!

Less than 14% of my mum’s need c-sections. The general pubic is 33%!!!

I am utterly rapt in my results and extremely proud. This course works.

I have so much goodness available for you if you wish to accept. If if want to learn from my journey and allow me  to guide you so you can avoid all the mistakes I made.

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What have you got to lose?

HypnoBirthing East Doncaster
My name is Michelle and I’m a mother to Mason and Marlie and wife to Andy. I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing practitioner in East Doncaster, Victoria.

I‘m part of a growing birth revolution where women are taking back birth, stepping into their power and realising they have options and choices when it comes to where and how they birth.

I love supporting women and their partners and seeing the transformation take place.

95% of my mums have a positive birth experience and that makes my heart sing.

Please join me. Learn how to birth powerfully and joyfully.

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