Breech Turn Hypnotherapy

At around 32-37 weeks gestation, most babies turn from the position they are in, to the vertex position (head down). For some babies, they turn a little later or for others, they may not turn until right before the birth however this is less likely. And then there are some babies that remain in the Breech Position.

If your baby hasn’t turned by 37 weeks, there are some important decisions to be made. As we see it, there are 3 options.

  1. To have a surgical birth
  2. To birth a breech baby
  3. To try any other available options that may turn baby naturally

At Simply Natural Childbirth, we have some wonderful practitioners here to help. Often babies don’t get into the correct position to be born due to anxiety or fears on the mothers part. Reflexlogy and Hypnosis are great options to consider. They are efficient and we recommend a session of each if time permits.


Often babies don’t get into the correct position to be born due to anxiety or fears on the mothers part. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful technique to help release fears and connect with baby.

Our experienced hypnotherapist will create a comfortable, safe and relaxed feeling for the mother, so she can connect with her baby through hypnosis.

The mother will also be taught some self hypnosis techniques to continue at home.

A study has shown that 81% of babies changed to the vertex when hypnosis was used, against only 48% of babies whose mothers did not receive hypnosis.

$160 per session/60 Minutes


Reflexology is a proven method of assisting breech babies to turn head down. For the most part, reflexology feels like a relaxing foot massage. There may be points in the treatment where it is slightly uncomfortable as pressure is applied to specific points and this is due to corresponding areas in the body that may also be blocked. Overall, it is an exceptionally soothing experience. Many people either fall asleep or enter a state of peaceful relaxation. Don’t worry if you have ticklish feet, the treatment is very precise and quite firm!

$100 per session/60 Minutes

We always stay aware of Baby’s Choice and that in the end, it’s their decision as to whether they move or not and in some cases, it may not be safe for them to turn. Babies can be born safely, gently and calmly in the Breech Position. You will need to check with your care provider as to whether they can support you.