What Professionals are saying about HypnoBirthing

“As an obstetrician, your ultimate aim is for a healthy mother and a healthy baby after the pregnancy and delivery. However if you can enhance the woman’s experience so that she is less fearful, more in control and can manage to achieve that much desired intervention-free labour, then this is a fantastic outcome.

With many hundreds of my patients having undertaken this childbirth preparation I am definitely impressed by the way it helps enhance a woman’s chances of having a safe and natural delivery.”
Dr. Peter Jurcevic Obstetrician and Maternal Foetal Medicine Specialist, Melbourne

“I knew nothing of hypnobirthing before the course. I obviously had lots of knowledge about the mechanisms of birth due to my midwifery degree but no knowledge of hypnobirth specifics.

I enjoyed the course, I felt it provided lots of great relaxation techniques and answered all Julia’s questions relating to birth. She felt empowered and had no anxiety relating to labour because the course helped her to trust in her body and the process.

I have now seen lots of babies born and Julia’s birth was what I would call a beautiful birth. She was calm, comllewroundfortable, enjoying the experience and in tune with her body. It was a wonderful way to bring a baby into the world.

I definitely felt I could better support her with the knowledge from the course, I knew what she wanted from the midwives, advocated for her to be in the bath and could help with the little things like reminding her of which breaths to use and making sure the relaxation tracks she liked best were playing for her.

I would highly recommend the course to mothers, it provides all the information you need to make informed choices regarding your labour and birth and realistically tells you what to expect from midwives and the medical team if you choose to birth in a hospital setting. It can be applied no matter where you plan on having your baby and Julia’s birth proves that if you work hard at meditation and have strong self belief you can have an amazing birth experience.”

Shelby, Student Midwife: Deakin University, Victoria.

What Parents are saying about HypnoBirthing

The following are testimonials from mothers who have done our HypnoBirthing course and have enjoyed the miracle of a comfortable and joyful birthing experience.

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I always imagined that having a baby was going to be an incredibly painful experience that I would want to forgaliceroundet. I heard about Hypnobirthing and thought it was worth looking into.
My husband and I attended the classes and found it was a fantastic way to prepare us both for child birth.
I have now had two children and feel so lucky that I had the experiences I did. During the birthing process, I felt so in control and efficient. I kept focusing on what Hypnobirthing had taught me and I could understand what was happening and what my body was doing. Especially after my second child, I felt so empowered and happy with myself! It was so amazing that it was almost like I could do it over again!
I often talk to my friends about having babies and they talk about how painful it was. I feel so lucky that my experiences and memories are so wonderful.


We went into labour at about 1.30am on Saturday morning. I stayed at home until aboameliaroundut 10.30am and then went to the hospital, she was born at 2.30pm. They all said that it was a quick birth for a first. When I was at home the HypnoBirthing tools really helped. I listened to my relaxation CDs until about 7am when I woke Trent up to help me and to time the surges. Our midwife at Mitcham was aware that we were following the HypnoBirthing and was very accommodating and helpful. Afterwards, our OBs and the midwife both said that I was a pin up girl for HypnoBirthing! It was a huge help. Even when we got to the hospital and they put the monitor on my stomach, Amelia’s heart rate plummeted but I kept calm and everything turned out fine. She was also posterior and somehow I turned her.
Thanks again Kathy for getting in touch and for a great class. We’ve been telling everyone about its benefits.”


Hi Kathy, It’s so nice to hear from you. I ended up having an induction on Sunday 24th of Octoreubanroundber and gave birth to a healthybaby boy, Reuben Micheal weighing 8lb 3oz. I listened to my HypnoBirthing CD’s and visualisations pretty much on a daily basis and read the book 3 times. I used the breathing techniques and visualisations in labour and apart from the induction process there was no other interventions used, no gas, no peth and no epi. Reuben came out relaxed, calm, alert and we were able to establish a lovely breastfeeding relationship immediately. I really believe that HypnoBirthing helped with the outcome and also my recovery.


Just a quick note to thank you again girls for bringing Hypno Birthing to Ballarat. HypnoBirthing Baby No 2 born on 6th March 2010. Our beautiful baby William arrived after 3hrs 45 mins of active birthing and surges. Weighing 4780grams or 10lb 8oz he was by far the biggest baby yet, but with all the practice and rehearsals I was calm and confident that I could have a beautiful, natural delivery again. Both the Doctor and I were surprised when he discovered that I was already 5cm the day before, and I didn’t even notice! I chose to have a doula this time round and she was fantastic, embracing all that HypnoBirthing was about. (So were the Midwives)


What impressed me most about the program is that someone like me, with a very low pain tolerance and ability to relax, can enjoy a completely pain free birth when everyone had told me it would be horribly painful. It’s amazing. I would never attempt to deliver a baby without it.


It was incredibly intense but I did not experience it as ‘pain’ so I felt no fear. These skills are essential in the toolkit of any woman before their first birthing experience. It develops a connection with your body and prepares your mind for any circumstance that might occur during labour. The most important aspect for me was that it replaced anxiety and fear with concentrated power and energy. My body took over the process and I was amazed.


Hi Kathy, Hope this finds you well. Just thought I would let you know Matt and I had a lovely baby boy – Thothomasmas on17/04/2010. He was 4 weeks early but the size of a full term baby. 3.49kg and 51cms. Our HypnoBirthing worked quite well till the transitional stage. All went well, we had a natural birth with forceps. My labour was 4 hours 27 minutes. In the HypnoBirthing classes I asked for a 4 hour labour. I am most impressed. Thank you so much for a great class and the confidence to do what I did.

Vicki & Matt

It dramatically changed my whole perception on birth and motherhood. It’s the best money I have ever spent. I would have paid $5,000 for it!”


The whole process was astounding. I felt so empowered.


Easy to understand and implement. Very beneficial to help the mother relax and feel confident about the birthing process.


Just wanted to let you know we had a boy born on the 17th of Feb. We named him Ben Frederik. It was a wonderful experience to deliver a baby vaginally after a caesarean although I wasn’t able to get into the deep relaxation when it got closer to the end. But I would definitely recommend Hypnobirthing to everyone I know.

Claire & Johnannable

Our birth was a really beautiful experience. Meditation became a daily routine and I felt this made me relax as I was quite nervous about the birth. I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole experience. I thank you so much for taking us throughthe HypnoBirthing program. It helped me deal with the situation really well. Take care and thanks again.


I gave birth to a beautifully perfect little girl on the 21st of November (which is also my birthday!) We called her Indigo Moon, she was 4kg (8lb 13oz) and 52cm long. The birth was 22 hours long from start to finish, but I think technically only 12 hours. I was in 2nd stage for 1.5 hours. I did it naturally, using a tens machine and water as aids, aswell as breathing techniques learnt in our classes! I also opted for the gas in the transition stage, but only had it for about an hour. All in all the labour and birth was a very intense experience but so amazing! I had the midwife hold a mirror under me so I could see her little head crowning, I loved being able to see what was happening! Ben caught Indigo and passed her to me, and then he cut the cord. We are absolutely loving being parents, the transition into parenthood has been so smooth for us. Indigo is such a well behaved baby, so calm and relaxed. Being a mother is something I feel I was born to do, it’s jhbcouplebabyust such a magical experience. Of course I could not have done so well during labour without Ben by my side the entire time, helping me breathe through my surges. He is a great dad and Indigo just adores him. We are like a team, we all work so well together =) I do believe learning theHypnoBirthing techniques helped. As I was able to breathe through alot of the surges, with Bens help. If I didn’t have the knowledge of HypnoBirthing and Ben by my side I believe it would have been a whole different experience. So, thank you for sharing with us, your knowledge and techniques for a natural labour and birth. We hope you are doing well, Ben sends his love too.


I gave birth to our perfect baby boy Jiah William Crimmins on February the 12th. He weighed 6″10 1/2 and is absolutely perfect!! It was a very long labour, but it was a beautiful experience and I have only good memories to take away. My surges started on the friday morning at 12:30am but I didn’t end up going to the birth centre until friday night at 7:30pm. I gave birth to him in the water at 12:18pm on Saturday. I think if it wasn’t for the HypnoBirthing techniques and deep breathing I had been practising I wouldn’t have lasted! I was so exhausted but because I was able to stay calm and breath through a lot of the surges I preserved a lot of my energy. A few times I let the intensity of the surges take control and I came out of the ‘zone’ but Zane was able to help me in getting back into it…. I had two fantastic midwives throughout the birth and I’m just so happy with the whole experience. I had my birth exactly how I wanted it-calm, in the water, no medical intervention, no drugs! and a beautiful healthy baby boy at the end! Thank-you for the Hypnobirthing classes, I really don’t think I would have handled it without learning the techniques. Although I can’t say it was a painfree experience, I managed to be calm and relaxed through a lot of the birth. Hypnobirthing taught me not to fear it and trust in my body. If I ever have another baby in the future I will definitely be using Hypnobirthing again and would recommend it to anyone! Hope you enjoyed the little read 🙂



Do you have a HypnoBirthing story? We would love to hear from you!