HypnoBirthing Stories – What people are saying about our course

The following are testimonials from mothers who have done our HypnoBirthing course and have enjoyed the miracle of a comfortable and joyful birthing experience.

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Michelle is incredibly caring and passionate, about birthing, babies and the power of the mind with hypnotherapy. She melds those passions together and gave us the best preparation we could ask for, relieving a lot of our anxieties about the labour, and giving us a boost of confidence in asking for the care we want instead of what’s just on offer. Thanks again Michelle!


I wish I had attended Michelle’s HypnoBirthing course for my first pregnancy! However, it was just as valuable attending the course in preparation for my VBAC attempt. Michelle’s course provided me with information and insights into what my body is capable of and made me feel more confident going into my second birth. Michelle also provided me with amazing support outside of the course and just that meant the world to me. I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to feel good about themselves during pregnancy and to have the necessary tools to make informed decisions to have an awesome birth. My husband also enjoyed the course and got a lot of information from it specifically how to support me, he said he would have been lost without Michelle’s tips. The HypnoBirthing skills I’ve learnt not only helped me on the birth day but I use it daily to relax and centre myself whilst looking after two kids! Thank you Michelle!!



Michelle was a fantastic facilitator and was genuinely interested in how we went after we left the class room. I found the conent of the course valuable and she even followed up and allowed us to attend refresher sessions closer to our due date to help us feel prepared. While my babe’s birth wasn’t as smooth or how I had envisioned it, I would still definitely recommend the course and Michelle. Professional, friendly & knows her stuff. Thanks for helping us feel prepared and informed I think we would have had a different birth experience had we not engaged HypnoBirthing Victoria and Michelle.


I always imagined that having a baby was going to be an incredibly painful experience that I would want to forget. I heard about HypnoBirthing and thought it was worth looking into. My husband and I attended the classes and found it was a fantastic way to prepare us both for child birth. I have now had two children and feel so lucky that I had the experiences I did. During the birthing process, I felt so in control and efficient. I kept focusing on what Hypnobirthing had taught me and I could understand what was happening and what my body was doing. Especially after my second child, I felt so empowered and happy with myself! It was so amazing that it was almost like I could do it over again! I often talk to my friends about having babies and they talk about how painful it was. I feel so lucky that my experiences and memories are so wonderful.




Couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful birthing experience with our little boy and I firmly believe it was all thanks to our awesome HypnoBirthing course! Michelle was caring and very informative and the course itself was so insightful and really helped my husband and I stay relaxed and yet also excited about the labour. If you want a calm stress-free birth and are prepared to do a fair bit of relaxation homework, I highly recommend you give Michelle a call!


What impressed me most about the program is that someone like me, with a very low pain tolerance and ability to relax, can enjoy a completely pain free birth when everyone had told me it would be horribly painful. It’s amazing. I would never attempt to deliver a baby without it.


It was incredibly intense but I did not experience it as ‘pain’ so I felt no fear. These skills are essential in the toolkit of any woman before their first birthing experience. It develops a connection with your body and prepares your mind for any circumstance that might occur during labour. The most important aspect for me was that it replaced anxiety and fear with concentrated power and energy. My body took over the process and I was amazed.


It dramatically changed my whole perception on birth and motherhood. It’s the best money I have ever spent. I would have paid $5,000 for it!”


Our birth was a really beautiful experience. Meditation became a daily routine and I felt this made me relax as I was quite nervous about the birth. I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole experience. I thank you so much for taking us through the HypnoBirthing program. It helped me deal with the situation really well. Take care and thanks again.



What Professionals are saying about HypnoBirthing

As an obstetrician, your ultimate aim is for a healthy mother and a healthy baby after the pregnancy and delivery. However if you can enhance the woman’s experience so that she is less fearful, more in control and can manage to achieve that much desired intervention-free labour, then this is a fantastic outcome.

With many hundreds of my patients having undertaken this childbirth preparation I am definitely impressed by the way it helps enhance a woman’s chances of having a safe and natural delivery.

Dr. Peter Jurcevic Obstetrician and Maternal Foetal Medicine Specialist, Melbourne

I knew nothing of hypnobirthing before the course. I obviously had lots of knowledge about the mechanisms of birth due to my midwifery degree but no knowledge of hypnobirth specifics.

I enjoyed the course, I felt it provided lots of great relaxation techniques and answered all Julia’s questions relating to birth. She felt empowered and had no anxiety relating to labour because the course helped her to trust in her body and the process.

I have now seen lots of babies born and Julia’s birth was what I would call a beautiful birth. She was calm, comllewroundfortable, enjoying the experience and in tune with her body. It was a wonderful way to bring a baby into the world.

I definitely felt I could better support her with the knowledge from the course, I knew what she wanted from the midwives, advocated for her to be in the bath and could help with the little things like reminding her of which breaths to use and making sure the relaxation tracks she liked best were playing for her.

I would highly recommend the course to mothers, it provides all the information you need to make informed choices regarding your labour and birth and realistically tells you what to expect from midwives and the medical team if you choose to birth in a hospital setting. It can be applied no matter where you plan on having your baby and Julia’s birth proves that if you work hard at meditation and have strong self belief you can have an amazing birth experience.”

Shelby, Student Midwife: Deakin University, Victoria.

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