The HypnoBirthing Collective (previously known as Simply Natural Childbirth) has been supporting women since the year 2000.  Michelle’s mother Alison was one of the first ever Melbourne HypnoBirthing Practitioners in training and went on to teach many couples, midwives and obstetricians about this incredible program.

In 2016, Michelle came on board and took over teaching classes from Alison.

In late 2017 Elaine Adams came on board and the Collective began to grow!


Alison was a great support to Michelle when Michelle had her own two beautiful children and they shared a bond over HypnoBirthing and childbirth. The experience prompted Michelle to qualify as a practitioner also.  Michelle has been getting sensational results and gaining a stellar reputation in the birth world.  She is known for providing a balanced, entertaining and informative course to couples.

We are HypnoBirthing practitioners because we believe that there should be more education for mothers, and birth partners on how our bodies should work during birth, that our bodies work in harmony with our babies and not against each other during labour, how to manage pain most effectively, and more importantly how to remain calm when things don’t go to plan

Michelle was a fantastic facilitator and was genuinely interested in how we went after we left the class room. I found the conent of the course valuable and she even followed up and allowed us to attend refresher sessions closer to our due date to help us feel prepared. While my babe’s birth wasn’t as smooth or how I had envisioned it, I would still definitely recommend the course and Michelle. Professional, friendly & knows her stuff. Thanks for helping us feel prepared and informed I think we would have had a different birth experience had we not engaged The HypnoBirthing Collective and Michelle.



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