I am so excited to ‘meet’ you and can’t wait to get to know you better.  Not only as HypnoBirthing Practitioner, but also a mum, and a woman who likes to empower other women.

I am the lady boss at The HypnoBirthing Collective, a business devoted to women having an amazing birth experience. This business has been operating since 2002 when my mum created it after attending the first ever HypnoBirthing practitioner training here in Melbourne. I took over the reigns in March 2016.

My mission is simple – to inspire, support and educate pregnant women to step into their birthing power and experience childbirth as a positive, transformational time in their life.

I believe that the ability to birth is inside all of us. My goal is to reconnect you with that wisdom so you can birth with confidence.

When this happens, you can begin your mothering journey with a strength and power you didn’t realise you always had within you.

I’ve had a shitty birth and a sensational birth. My two experiences shaped who I am today. It catapulted me into this career which I love, adore and am totally addicted to.

I was born in 1983, live in Ringwood with my husband Andy and kids Mason (born Nov 2012) & Marlie (born May 2015). As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m a totally average, fairly mainstream kinda girl.

We live in the ‘burbs, dreaming of a sea or tree change. My life is filled with my family, my friends (when I can grab a minute to see them) and my clients.

My interests include good food, average wine and Netflix. I’m pretty well travelled and well read. I’m an introvert by nature which surprises a lot of people so need my own space to recharge and reset.

What did I do before becoming a HypnoBirthing Practitioner? I had my own business supporting other small businesses and I also worked at Make-A-Wish Australia.  It’s a million miles away from what I do now!

Does that mean I lack experience? I don’t believe so. My statistics and results speak for themselves.  Knowing what I teach inside out is important to me, and I’m always striving to learn and grow.

Connection is a big part of why my couples have such great experiences. I aim to connect deeply with mum and her partner, to completely understand them, their values and beliefs and their unique pregnancy.

If you are looking for someone authentic (I will probably curse in my class at some point!), dedicated and compassionate, I’m your woman.

I can’t wait to share the piece of the birthing puzzle, you never knew was missing.


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