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Gentle Scheduled Caesarean Birth

Your Gentle Scheduled Caesarean Birth Hey there mama, I'm glad you found this article and I'm here to get you feeling comfortable and positive about your caesarean birth. I know you've been on a journey and I know this had been a tough decision to make. Or...

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Edmunds Birth Story

How to explain just how amazing the whole experience was is an understatement! Birth for me to some extent started on Friday 9th….We had decided to drive to Seymour for Bo to compete in a tree climbing competition. I was nervous as it was a long drive and...

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Amelia’s Birth Story

Jad and I classify my birth to Amelia as amazing. a The reason it was amazing is because of our HypnoBirthing training and the fact that we were informed! a From 36 weeks, my fundus was measuring small. The hospital told me that if I was 37 weeks, they...

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Hospital Bag – What To Pack

Packing for the birth and hospital stay is an exciting task. The lists can seem endless and you can often worry about all those purchases you need to make. The lists below are quite exhaustive and it's always good to remember that we don't NEED these...

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What’s In My Doula Bag?

I joke with my clients that my doula bag is my 'bag of tricks'. I adore getting it re-stocked while I await the call from my next couple, that labour has begun and I'm about to meet a beautiful little soul in the coming hours. I thought I would share what...

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Nicholas’ Birth Story

My pregnancy with Nicholas had been relatively uncomplicated. That was up until about 34 weeks when I felt anxiety creep its way in with the impending challenge of birthing my boy into this world. As a result my blood pressure began to creep up at every clinic...

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Ivy’s Birth Story

We have a daughter!! Little Ivy Elise Howard was born on Wednesday 4/4/18 at 2:20pm weighing 3.51kg and 50cm long. Due to recommendations from Hugo's paediatrician and worries about low amniotic fluid we decided to be induced at 39+4. It was a really hard decision to...

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Beau’s Birth Story

Welcome to the world Baby Beau, born at 41+4, just an hour after my obstetrician “clocked back on” after a few days of holidays with his family. Although by 11 days over I was certainly “over it”, I was still hopeful for spontaneous labour and gladly Beau had the same...

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