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This journey has been so much fun...i'm so glad it all managed to work out for me to be able to attend this years course and meet you and embark on these adventures! It is a very well thought out & effective program that is changing the worlds view on birth. I cant wait to put this all to practice, and to become a part of positive change for birthing!

Lauren Wilcox, HypnoBirthing Mum, QLD

Absolutely brilliant. I am impressed by the scientific & evidence based philosophy. I am a birth doula & when I work with clients prenatally I try to teach so much in a short time. Now I have all the tools and information in an easy to follow 5 step program. This makes me feel more calm & confident to be able to continue to serve women & their families during this sacred time. Thank you Anthea & the HypnoBirthing Institute.

Anjuli Samuriwo, Doula, WA

Thank you for such a wonderful 4 days - I really enjoyed the course. An interesting & inspiring course. It is so well thought out & concise. I am very excited about getting started

Abigail Ellison, Midwife, WA

I thought the training was really inspirational and has really had a positive effect on the way I practice as a Midwife. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues of mine and other members of the multi disciplinary team

Olivia Danis, Midwife, WA

Thank you so much, the potential for this course to become mainstream everywhere in the world is such a wonderful and powerful thought. The training has been amazing and I am so looking forward to sharing this gift!

Jacki Barker, Midwife, NSW

I’m loving everything about this program! I can’t wait to get started.

Bronwyn Arnold-Biggs, Doula, QLD