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Corinne Cinatl
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Corinne Cinatl

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Congratulations on entering this beautiful stage of your life!
After doing HypnoBirthing as a first time pregnant mother and having the most incredible birth, I knew it was absolutely essential for me to share HypnoBirthing with others. And so Intuitive Birthing was born in 2012 from a desire to serve women through their journey from pregnancy and into motherhood.
At this beautiful stage in your life you absolutely need to be surrounded by nurturing support, confidence and encouragement to achieve the birthing and parenting experience YOU deeply desire. My dream is for every mother to feel as loved, nurtured, supported and nourished as her baby.

So many women experience feelings of overwhelm, isolation and confusion. This is where I can help you. My life’s work is to support mothers like you, who are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, by providing a range of holistic support including private in-home visits, group work and meditation for physical and mental health. I help you simplify your pregnancy and postpartum with a range of physical and practical support, so that you can be the confident, supported mother you wish to be.

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


5 Reviews on “Corinne Cinatl”

5 reviews
  • Corinne Cinatl Listing Owner

    Corrine is a fantastic birthing guide. Her knowledge and experience is superb. She’s gentle, caring and informative. I highly recommend you book in with her. – Tanya Bolger

  • Corinne Cinatl Listing Owner

    My husband and I were really drawn to Hypnobirthing as it took birthing ‘back to basics’ with a minimalistic approach.
    Our birth experience was a long one spanning over 3 days, however I do not look back on it as a traumatic experience as hypnobirthing taught us that sometimes our bodies (and our baby) need time to work together.
    We implemented many hypnobirthing techniques to pass the time over those days with the aim to relax the mind to then relax the body.
    Although the birth of our son did involve interventions, this was ok as it was done on our terms and when necessary.
    Corinne is so passionate about what she does and we felt incredibly supported and as prepared as we could be. I could not recommend her classes highly enough. – Grace Taylor

  • Corinne Cinatl Listing Owner

    When I first joined the mother’s circle, I thought it would be a wonderful way to meet some like minded woman with newborns. It delivered that and so much more. Not only did I get to connect with some beautiful mums and be pampered with Corinne’s wonderful cooking, hospitality, tips and kindness, I was also challenged to voice my hardships and celebrate my sucussess with a group of woman in a loving and supportive space. Thank you Corinne for teaching me vulnerability is a good thing. Just like Hypno Birthing, this has helped all areas of my life. – Tara Leckie

  • Corinne Cinatl Listing Owner

    My first birthing experience was a bit traumatic so I wanted to explore other options. Over the 6 weeks I could feel my perspective on birthing slowly change, it turned from something I was terrified of to something I started to see as natural and beautiful, a week after the 6 sessions I had a dream of my labour and it was a beautiful dream, when I think of labour now I don’t experience the fear that I had. The techniques we learnt in class are something I will continue to use even after birthing my baby. Corrine herself has a lovely personality, is quite humorous and can tell she is very passionate and believes in what she does. She made us feel very welcome and very safe. Highly recommended – Tara Russell

  • Corinne Cinatl Listing Owner

    Before this course I was searching for something that would help me cope with the pain of birth and something that would help me achieve the calm, natural birth I really want.
    Corinne is so compassionate and welcoming, she will show you so many ways you can achieve the birth you want to have, including things that you and your partner can do to advocate for your birth.
    I am feeling way more knowledgeable and confident in myself and what my body can do after finishing this course. Thank you Corinne!!

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