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Lindsay Hollingsworth
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Lindsay Hollingsworth

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Thank you for considering me as your HypnoBirthing Educator

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the human body, this changed direction slightly after the birth of our 1st child and it was specifically women’s bodies and how amazing they are to grow and birth a baby.  I decided to take this passion and turn it into a job, after all not too many people get to actually have a job that they are passionate about.  I studied and became a doula.  I loved working with women on their journey towards motherhood, be it the 1st or 10th time that they were birthing.  However, talking to women in the community it became known to me that not all women were having the birth experience that they desired, I was desperate to reach and empower more women than I could possible doula, and so after our amazing, calm, stress-free and empowering birth of our second child I decided to become a Hypnobirthing Educator.

Now there are many different types of childbirth education classes out there but I loved that HypnoBirthing is also a philosophy and most importantly, evidence based.  One of my favourite moments in class are the ‘ah-ha’ moments that my mums have when what I am teaching all falls into place.  I love seeing how women who often commence the course stressed and anxious finish the course, feeling relaxed, empowered and trusting in the body’s natural ability to birth their baby.

I offer small group classes of up to 6 women and their support person or you can have

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