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Fiona Rogerson
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Fiona Rogerson

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Welcome! My name is Fiona, and I am a HypnoBirthing Educator and registered Perinatal & Trauma Counsellor, and mother to 3 precious loves.

Through my journey into parenthood I have experienced the emotions of loss, the trials of artificial conception, and ultimately the magic of childbirth. Each of my births were very very different, and through them I grew from a place of distrust in my own body in my first birth, to a place of power, confidence and fearlessness by my last. The more I learnt and educated myself about the choices that were available to me, the more empowered I became in my birth decisions, which ultimately led me to experience pure joy. My first and last births were poles apart, a true testament to what the power of education can do!

Now as a childbirth educator I facilitate intimate small group courses for those seeking a positive experience of birth. Through my classes parents are able to regain trust in their abilities to birth and to parent. I support my couples in identifying and achieving their needs and wants for birthing, while forming a deep understanding of their own needs as parents, so that they can move through this phase of life with confidence, knowledge and strength.

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