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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Kathryn Mellars

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  • Bindu

    Nursery? Check. Baby car seat? Check. Hypnobirthing classes? huh!?
    Until I met Kathryn, I had imagined birthing to be just like we’ve seen in the movies – panting, painful, risky. Kathryn opened my eyes to the reality of HypnoBirthing: the natural, safe and comfortable way to bring my child into this world. You have to see it to believe it! And see it you will when Kathryn walks you through her several birthing videos where calm confidence conquers doubtful anxiety. Through her workshops, my husband and I practiced relaxation and breathing techniques designed to not only conquer our fears but also to manage the labour. Her visualization sessions helped us to imagine the birthing process in the way it is truly meant to be – with me and my husband in charge of the beautiful day without severe pain or medical intervention. Kathryn did some extra meditations and relaxations just for us and continues to check in on us long after the classes. Over the weeks, we went from being anxious first time birthing parents to a confident couple with full charge of the birthing process.
    Anna arrived healthy and on time. And just like that, we found ourselves as the happy parents that we’ve seen in many of Kathryn’s birthing videos.
    Take charge of your birthing process through HypnoBirthing. This class is a MUST HAVE if you’re pregnant.

  • Rob

    On taking this Hypnobirthing course with my expectant partner I wasn’t too sure what I could gain from it, however I was pleased to discover that there was so much! With evidence based information and experience from a multitude of birthing stories shown to us. Leaving me better informed, happy and confident about what I could for my partner and baby. Kathryn’s kind and calm persona put us at ease and her experience really helped me to better understand the natural process of birth, build healthy mental states in both of us and taught me what I could do to support my partner in preparation and during her birthing day. The course isn’t a strict structure you must adhere to either it’s very relaxed where time is taken to teach you and practice a great many techniques that will set you in good stead. This undoubtedly helped my partner recently give birth to a beautiful baby boy with minimal intervention from the hospital and Kathryn’s continuation of care, before, throughout and after has been incredible and having her in your corner whilst you go on this journey you couldn’t go far wrong.
    Rob, Gold Coast

  • Rahlia

    I loved our hypnobirthing course & instructor! Kathryn is so amazing and gave us not only the tools to birth happily & confidently but provided us with connection to a whole community of likeminded individuals. My partner and I have grown exponentially and each week excitedly expanded our beliefs and knowledge of what our babies’ birth day could look like. And now he’s here; all 4kg’s (8’8” pounds) of beautiful baby and I really credit hypnobirthing and Kathryn for helping us get there. It really was the best day of our lives; blissful, powerful and the deepest bond any human can share. We loved watching the real life birth stories, the meditations, doing the breathing exercises & not to mention the yummy food provided every week! We met some really nice couples along the way too. Highly recommend for ANYONE pregnant. It is the best investment & truly connects you with baby, that you feel you already know them when they finally make their way into the world.

  • Amy

    Kathryn has been an absolute godsend throughout my 3rd pregnancy. She is so full of knowledge and advice and is fully there to advocate for her families. This isn’t just a job for her, but a passion and you can feel that in the way that she delivers her classes. It didn’t feel like we were her clients, but more like family. We finished our HypnoBirthing course weeks ago and Kathryn is still in contact and on the other end of the phone if we need her. This isn’t just a 5 week course because she is there throughout your pregnancy and after. A positive, relaxing and uplifting experience!! I couldn’t recommend this class enough. Amy x

  • Krystyna

    Kathryn gave me the best gift of recognising my power to have a positive birth, guiding me through relaxation techniques, feeding me all of the knowledge to have the best experience which gave me the confidence knowing I could go through labour. I cannot recommend the HapiMumma HypnoBirthing course enough, Kathryn you are so warming and welcoming I had the best experience with you, thank you thank you thank you x

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