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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Meaghan Amor

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Meaghan Amor’s  passion, love & knowledge for the journey of  Birth has been a guiding light for many women.

As an accredited Doula & HypnoBirthing Educator Meaghan offers formal training plus a heart felt love for what she does.

Her experience as a Doula extends over 20 years.

With her nurturing side & holistic approach to each individual client Meaghan has enjoyed a long career in pre & post natal Aromatherapy Massage on the gold coast.

She gives her expectant Mothers & Fathers all the knowledge & confidence they need to have an amazing Birth experience.

Meaghan believes that every birthing couple deserves to have their preferences met, understood & honoured…

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10 Reviews on “Meaghan Amor”

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  • Where do I begin!? ~ AMAZING ♡♡♡

    I connected with Meaghan just by chance and after our first meeting I knew she was someone we were meant to have in our life.

    She has a beautiful energy and a gorgeous heart. We initially engaged Meaghan to be our HypnoBirthing teacher because we understood the importance of preparation for pre, during and post birth. Women’s bodies are made to birth! ♡

    Meaghan guided my husband Igor and I through the HypnoBirthing International Mongan Method. Such a great course and we learned so so much! We also asked Meaghan to be our Doula and what a blessing that was.

    Throughout my final weeks of pregnancy I had the pleasure of having a few of Meaghan’s massages. They are so bloody brilliant, her hands are like ray’s of beautiful warm sunshine ~ Luka loved being massaged also whilst in mummy’s belly. She goes above and beyond to ensure the most nurturing massage experience. It’s heavenly! Do yourself a favour and go get one! She also does postnatal massage ♡

    Igor was amazing when I was in labour as he put into play the principals and methods we learned with Meaghan in HypnoBirthing ~ the knowledge is so empowering for both birthing woman and partner. We planned a home birth but ended up having to go to the hospital. Meaghan was our rock. She was right by my side for the 3 short hours of labour and provided the most incredible support. No words can describe how much Igor and I cherish her ♡

    I had the most amazing birthing experience and journey, totally drug free. Meaghan assisted in enabling this beautiful and empowering journey and for that we are eternally grateful. Our son Luka had a peaceful and calm birthing journey earthside and is the most peaceful and calm little bubba ~ currently 5 weeks old!

    Hand to heart, if you are pregnant please get in touch with Meaghan as she is the woman to guide and support you every step of the way to have the most incredible birthing journey, one that you will want to share with the world ♡

    Thanks so much Meags. We love you xxx

  • Well this has been a long time coming (my baby is 8 months old now �). I have been meaning to write a review for Meaghan about our experience with her because our babies birth would not have been the same without her… Upon a recommendation from a friend we were guided to Meaghan as we were looking to do hypnobirthing classes on the lead up to our babies birth. Meaghan was an AMAZING teacher who went well beyond her call of duty as mentor for our classes making sure we knew she was there anytime we wanted her advice or just some reassurance. Meaghan instilled the confidence into myself and my partner for an all natural birth. I can 100% say I went into hospital so confident and fearless and trusting 100% in my bodies capabilities. NEVER would I have thought I would have had an all natural water birth. NEVER would I have thought I could give birth without pain medication, let alone I could NEVER imagine in my wildest dreams that I could birth my own baby into my own hands, but I DID! And its all thanks to this wonderful woman, who taught us how to trust the whole process and taught us everything we needed to know. She also taught my partner how to be the most amazing birthing partner � Also her pregnancy massages are so beautiful and nuturing, they go beyond just being a ‘massage’, they are more of an experience that every pregnant woman needs in their life. Meaghan has found her true calling in life and for that and us being led to her, my partner and I will be forever grateful �

  • Myself & my husband Luke attended HypnoBirthing classes with Meaghan Amor at A place called birth.
    We attended the free info session firstly, which reiterated to us that she was the right person for us.
    Luke & I really had no idea what we were in for in terms of labour, except “we were going to have a baby”.

    At Meaghan’s classes she not only taught us techniques to implement when in birth but she also educated us in more ways than we knew possible.

    We walked in knowing not a lot, and left the five week program feeling much more at ease, aware of our chooses and excited to give birth. Prior to falling pregnant I was nervous at the thought of attending hospital and giving birth, but after receiving all this information, learning techniques, watching birth videos and having chats with Meaghan we were so much more prepared, so much so that we were happy to sit and wait, not rushing the process of going into labor like so many people do.

    Meaghan is a great advocate for all women giving birth, she 100% has your best interests at heart as well as respects you and your choices.

    Her pregnancy and post partum massages are simply divine also – ultimately what I’m saying is, if you’re pregnant Meaghan is the person you need in your life, whether it’s for HypnoBirthing classes, as a Doula or as a massage therapist.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  • After 2 previous traumatic births my husband and I decided that this time round we would without a doubt have support at this birth. Someone to advocate and support us. I found Meaghan on Instagram and instantly loved her ballsy confidence and knowledge. Meaghan was a world full of knowledge to support and reassure me that really came in handy throughout a 2 week long on and off pre labour. When it came time for labour to really start she was there by our side at the hospital immediately. In what I can only describe as not ideal circumstances and not being in a proper birthing room during labour, she guided me for several hours through my surges, rubbing me with delicious balms and oils and the nurturing calmness and confidence that exuded es from every cell, it helped keep my mind focused through the chaos that was surrounding my us. At times I was really struggling with the restrictions and complications that where arising but she brought me back into my body, she continued to guide me, reassure me and my husbands confidence, she was the only one maintaining her cool. Meaghan had me, she had us both, she didn’t worry about anything else just focused purely on supporting us, supporting me. There are no words that can describe the level of support and comfort she showered me with even though things went very differently than I had planned my confidence, strength and focus would not of been what it was without her. Our beautiful little girl Una Fay was born 9:40pm Wed 26th June via emergency cesarean and there was no trauma, because my mind was supported right up to the moment they wheeled me to theatre Meaghan was there. We are so grateful for the support and love Meaghan provided us, calling Meaghan a Doula feels like an understatement she is far more than that, words fail to express the incredible women she truly is.

  • After experiencing intense birth trauma and fear of childbirth after our first child, I reached out to Meaghan and ended up signing up for her 5 week course. Meaghan provided a safe space for me to open up about my trauma, and an opportunity to release my fears about the impending birth of our second baby.
    Thanks to Meaghan, my partner and I were able to birth our son naturally, into a beautifully calm environment and free of all fears. I cannot thank her enough for empowering me as a mother, and giving me the confidence to birth our son the way we did.

  • My partner Luke and I did HypnoBirthing classes with Meaghan and have never looked back! My partner was reluctant at first to attend the classes but after the first one, he absolutely loved it and found it really informative. We learnt so much about pregnancy, birth and post birth. We also made really supportive, awesome friends from the class! Meaghan is super supportive, down to earth, full of knowledge and understanding – we couldn’t ask for a better teacher/friend to guide us through our pregnancy/HypnoBirthing journey. Meaghan isn’t just a HypnoBirthing teacher but she’s also a masseuse, aromatherapist and doula. I saw Meaghan for multiple pregnancy massages and they are amazing!! Highly recommend! ❤️

  • Thank you so much for everything you did for us, I am so happy I met you and have HypnoBirthing in my life now not only for my next birth but how I love my life. Going to class and learning all about it made James and I feel at home. Brings tears to my eyes to know it’s all over but the memories will forever remain in our hearts. HypnoBirthing is our life and my birth and labour and pregnancy experience was the best journey I’ve experienced in my life, such a powerful time and so many amazing feelings and sensations just beautiful what the human body can do, and now we have a baby boy Lennox out of it, he is so beautiful and sweet and delicious, so calm and so amazing, the prime example of a HypnoBirthing bubba. I can’t thank you enough, thank you for being you and thank you for all that you taught us. Life is so unreal and so magical. Love always and forever Larissa, James and Lennox XX

  • We will be forever grateful for you and your teachings Meaghan! We could not have got the birth we did without your HypnoBirthing course, but more importantly, the way you teach it!! Your passion and positive energy made us feel fearless and genuinely so excited to give birth! Something Brent and I didn’t even know was possible! What you do is magic Meaghan. Brent, baby Harper and I cannot thank you enough. X

  • Meaghan’s program was great. It was well run, relaxed and very informative. The resources and the exercises are really handy too.

    It was also good to have a scheduled night where we and a handful of other couples could come together as a bit of a community and talk positively about this massive event.

  • Meaghan’s HypnoBirthing course was everything we needed and more! There were a few options for doing HypnoBirthing on the Gold Coast and I’m so pleased we chose to do our course with Meaghan.She offers a free introductory session which I found really valuable. It gave Ross and I an opportunity to meet her first and learn about her approach to teaching HB before committing to her program.
    Meaghan went above and beyond on our four evenings with her. We learned so much about positive and calm birth and left with the tools to help facilitate our own dream birth.
    I loved that I could continue to practice my relaxation techniques with meaghan during her dreamy pregnancy massages in the weeks leading up to my labour. I don’t think I would have had such an incredible and relaxing homebirth for my first baby if it wasn’t for the tools and encouragement I received from meaghan and the HypnoBirthing course.
    I couldn’t recommend it enough! Thanks meaghan, we love you!

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