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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Aisling Wallace

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Regular Saturday morning small group classes in Aisling’s studio set amongst the trees.

Private classes can be arranged at a venue of your choice including your home.

Custom group classes to suit FIFO roster available on request.

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  • Tayla

    My whole life I have been excited to become a Mother, but knew the day my waters broke there was a high chance I would go into panic and a high state of self doubt. I think that it’s a common fear among a lot of people but I learnt it really doesn’t have to be.

    For me the self doubt started a little earlier than my waters breaking and the unknown really started to get to me. I got to a point in my pregnancy where I was so frightened I didn’t know where to turn.
    This all changed for the better when I met Aisling and we completed the course. We are so thankful for that and more.

    Being first time parents we learnt a lot of things about hospitals, labour and babies in a positive light. Without doing this my partner would have gone into the hospital with absolutely no clue with what to expect. I think being submerged into the world of positive birthing was what empowered him also and made him ready to be there and strong for me.

    She really took both of us under her wing and brought us to a place where we where confident and ready to embrace whatever came our way. She bonded myself, my partner and our baby as a team to prepare for the best day of our lives – trauma free.

    I gave birth to our beautiful son calmly, empowered, excited, educated, in control and confident in our decisions. At 10:22am on 21.3.21 our little man arrived! He was 8.3pounds. We amazed the midwifes with our first time labour, drug free 6 hour labour. My first cervical check – 10cm dilated!

    The midwives called me a hypno birthing goddess!

    Aisling is a mother of four beautiful kids herself, and a health professional. I highly recommend all parents whether it be first time, third time, tenth time to do this with Aisling! You can have a laugh or a cry with her and she’s there for you to listen and educate. You will both learn tools that will train and prepare you for the biggest and best day of your life and make you change the way to perceive giving birth 💚

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