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Donna Berent
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Donna Berent

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(Childbirth Educator & Doula)

HypnoBirthing Services

Donna teaches HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method childbirth education programme from her cosy home located in Concord. She provides a special experience for each couple and makes her pregnant couples feel safe, unique and respected. She understands the importance of a positive birth experience and knows that when couples feel confident in their decisions they are making it is extremely rewarding as it shapes their views of their pregnancy and birth outcomes.

HypnoBirthing topics:

In depth coverage of all your birthing options and choices
Discussing fears that can increase anxiety & negative expectations
Exploring a woman’s body being designed to birth calmly, safely & with ease
5 x 2.5 hour sessions guiding you through relaxation techniques used in labour and birth
Practical spinning babies techniques to help provide comfort and support in baby’s positioning

Doula Services

Donna provides prenatal and postnatal sessions as a doula and will keep in touch throughout your pregnancy, answering any questions and supporting you all the way until you meet your baby and are settled into your home. Through discussions around your birth plan and your desires for your special day, she will supports these whatever they are. We will discuss comfort measures, pain management, explain inductions and alternate options that available for you. Donna is kind-hearted and always likes to go the extra mile in making you

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5 Reviews on “Donna Berent”

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  • Before starting our HypnoBirthing journey I was feeling very overwhelmed. I held many fears about giving birth, issues that could arise during my pregnancy and how to get what we wanted out of our birthing experience. Being a very anxious person already, I was concerned about how I would cope with everything to come and worried that my stress and anxiety would effect our baby. I convinced I would not be able to handle child birth and that I would need an epidural ASAP. My partner was feeling very lost and unsure about how he could be the best possible support person for me.
    When researching I came across HypnoBirthing and most importantly Donna. Every week Donna visited us we learnt so much about the origins of HypnoBirthing, the bodies natural birthing instincts, relaxation, nutrition, exercises, our role as parents and child birth in general.
    HypnoBirthing changed our lives and strengthened an already strong relationship. We both feel so prepared and excited for the birth of our little girl. Our fears have been replaced by confidence, our questions have been replaced by answers and our stress has been replaced by calm. Donna was such a major influence in creating a positive mindset. Her supportive, friendly and calming personality is something we will always cherish. After each session we felt so empowered to be amazing parents and move forward in our journey. We can’t thank her enough.

  • I first met Donna at a health expo and felt instantly comfortable in her presence. When we had our first meet and greet her passion for empowering mothers in their birthing experience was clearly evident. I purchased the full package available on her website which included both HypnoBirthing, birth education and assistance with my labour and also post natal assistance. As a first time mum who chose to have a home birth last minute, Donna took on the change of plans with such competence despite it also being her first experience outside of the hospital realm. She took interest in all members of my family and basically made them her own through her genuine love and concern for our emotional and physical well-being. In times when i needed an ear she was only a phone call away. She made what could have been an isolating time for me from pregnancy to post-partum, a time when I was given a peace of mind I would not otherwise had, had I gone it alone. Her knowledge, understanding and flexibility to cater to my specific needs, as well as her ability to go above and beyond for my family blew me away. Donna helped create what will always be a special time in my life and I look back with thankfulness and joy that she was brought my way to be part of my birthing team. I would not have included someone who wasn’t truly passionate or didn’t feel that being a doula was their calling, hence why I chose Donna. What a gem she is! We love her and wish her the best as she continues to grow and expand in her calling in supporting mothers and mothers to be.

  • My partner and I really enjoyed spending time with Donna over the weeks of our HypnoBirthing course. She was able to deliver the course in a way that felt tailored to our particular needs and concerns. Her knowledge and genuine empathy have left me feeling informed, supported, confident and ready to journey through whatever path our birthing takes. Thank you Donna~

  • My husband and I gave the HypnoBirthing course a go and we were both unsure of what we were in for… both of us are first time parents to be and we really wanted to expand our knowledge in pregnancy and birth. This course was amazing! Not only did it expand our minds , it gave me a sense of confidence and helped relieve so much anxiety I had surrounding labour and birth. Donna was so warm and welcoming and informative. She has really changed our lives, the whole course did.
    I feel so empowered and so much more confident that a home birth which was completely not even an option is now actually my birth plan. I’m looking forward to utilising the HypnoBirthing techniques and using all the tools I have learnt from the course and Donna.

  • We were lucky enough to take Donna’s HypnoBirthing course. It helped us reframe our mindset regarding birth and in particular, natural birth. Donna is so passionate about sharing her knowledge and the tools to have a positive birth, she is an incredibly generous, warm and open person.

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