Helpful Parenting Toolkit

We often spend so much time focussing on our pregnancy and the birth, that we neglect the parenting aspect of having a baby.

Below are some tools and articles that I have personal found extremely helpful in navigating those first few month having a newborn.

Baby Ears by DBL (Dustan Baby Language)

This tool teaches you what the sound your baby makes just before they cry means. There are 5 ‘words’ to learn and I can personally testify how incredibly helpful this tool is. You can download an App, purchase the DVD or watch online.

The Wonder Weeks

This bestselling book explains why babies are often unexplainably fussy and the leaps they are making in their mental development. I found it a wonderful tool to be able to understand what was happening in my baby’s world and what new skills they were learning. You can purchase the book, download an eBook or download an App.

Colic Solution

This article changed my life for my second baby. I only wish I had read it for my first. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. Facebook Group

I have found this Facebook group a very helpful, supportive place to ask any question you may have about parenting. I would highly recommend joining.

Natural Hospital Birthing Facebook Group

This is a wonderful group that I’m an Admin of and might be really helpful for this last month of pregnancy with any questions you have. There is also an amazing resources section in the Files part of the group.

The Last Days of Pregnancy – A Place of InBetween

I love this article for those last long weeks of pregnancy.