Your Gentle Scheduled Caesarean Birth

Hey there mama,

I’m glad you found this article and I’m here to get you feeling comfortable and positive about your caesarean birth.

I know you’ve been on a journey and I know this had been a tough decision to make. Or maybe it’s a decision that was out of your hands and you feel frustrated and powerless.

But mama, you have power. You are more powerful than you know and you can birth this baby on your terms and have an incredible, beautiful caesarean birth.

First up, let’s get some Birth Preferences in place. Just because you’re not going to go into labour, you still have choices and options around what this birth can look like.

I have created a sample birth plan to get you started – download it HERE.

The fantastic thing is, you can still use HypnoBirthing during your birth! You can download this handy one-page document so that you and your partner understand which HypnoBirthing techniques are helpful and when to use them. Download HERE.

The Day Before Your Birth

Tomorrow you meet your baby and your life will change forever so today is for you! Have a big sleep in, maybe check out a movie or have lunch with your partner and an afternoon nap is essential!

Waiting To Meet Your Baby

With a scheduled caesarean birth, it’s generally a pretty early and hungry start so it’s nice to make this waiting time as pleasant as possible.

If you can find out prior to the big day, what your waiting time may look like – eg length and location, you can plan something nice.

You may like to make your room as pretty as possible with a few tealight candles, a room spray and some Caesarean Preparation Birth Affirmations playing.

Your partner could do some light touch massage or read a script to you as well. Of course, the Rainbow Relaxation is a classic too!

Post Birth Recovery

A couple of products that can help with post-birth recovery are Arnica pilules and Qiara Probiotics.

Arnica Pilules

Arnica is used to reduce bruising and swelling so taking after your birth can really aid in recovery. You can read more information HERE and purchase pilules in most chemists or health food shops. It’s always a good idea to talk to your care provider too.

Qiara Probiotics

During your birth, you will be administered antibiotics to reduce the chance of infection. Antibiotics don’t discriminate and will kill a lot of your good bacteria leaving you and your baby’s microbiome very different.

Because your little bub also bypasses the birth path and the good bacteria there, it’s really great if we give them the best start possible and expose them to good bacteria as soon as you can after the birth.

Skin to skin immediately is the best way to do this and then breastfeeding will continue the process. Unfortunately, due to those antibiotics, the good bacteria in breastmilk is reduced, but Qiara can help replenish it quickly.

I would start taking Qiara a month before your birth and continue for at least 3 months after. Qiara is available in chemists and I am also a stockist.

Read more about Qiara HERE.

Wishing You Well

For whatever reason, your birth is by caesarean, and all the feelings can come up. Fear, disappointment, grief for a vaginal birth, guilt, relief – it’s ok mama. Don’t fight them. Find someone you can talk to about it, with no judgement.

I’m thinking of you and can’t wait to hear all about your beautiful HypnoBirthing Belly Birth.

Much love,

Michelle xo

baby born via caesarean section
Michelle Clift

Michelle Clift

Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

My name is Michelle and I’m a mother to Mason and Marlie and wife to Andy. I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing practitioner in East Doncaster, Victoria.

I‘m part of a growing birth revolution where women are taking back birth, stepping into their power and realising they have options and choices when it comes to where and how they birth.

I love supporting women and their partners and seeing the transformation take place.

95% of my mums have a positive birth experience and that makes my heart sing.

Please join me. Learn how to birth powerfully and joyfully.

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