Many fathers approach the birth and parenthood feeling totally unprepared, and in many cases, a little lost. HypnoBirthing has been developed to prepare a couple, not just the mother. The program not only teaches birthing companions how to support the birthing mother, but enables them to prepare for their own journey into parenthood. Many fathers / partners/ birth companions feel such an overwhelming gratitude to HypnoBirthing and the tools they were given to prepare for what should be an empowering and positive experience.

James & Renee searched out HypnoBirthing, as they had really wanted the safest and most gentle option for their baby. James was so impacted by the whole experience that HypnoBirthing offered them, that he sent us the below message. James and Renee’s little boy Leonardo Phoenix Mackay was born in water gently on the 17th August 2015.

Forever Grateful to HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing was an amazing experience for both my partner Renee and I and our beautiful little baby boy Leonardo Phoenix.

We had both read the founder Marie Mongan’s book on HypnoBirthing and decided to do the five classes here at Burleigh for some practical experience and to get in the right mindset for Renee to have a calm birth and for myself to support her every step of the way.

When we enrolled we were overcome with the love shared by the coordinator Kate whose experience in midwifery and HypnoBirthing made her such an excellent teacher. The classes were an amazing intimate experience in a Yoga studio where we were taught the theory behind it and then got to relax and practice HypnoBirthing in such a calming environment. We also met a loving like-minded couple in Angela and Darren who shared our wish for an empowering and calm birth for their child also.

It was amazing watching Renee connect with our child within her and for us both to be able to practice getting into our mind and releasing all fears and worries about childbirth. The classes also gave us the power to be able to live a relaxing life after birth and learn to embrace our imaginations through positive affirmations and relaxing meditations. Kate was very open minded and supported all our choices as parents as I’m sure she would do for everybody and was a great confident for new parents such as ourselves.

Overall I was very overcome with how great Hypnobirthing classes were for me as a father and a husband to be able to connect on such a deeper level with my wife and for us both to focus on the connection with our little Leo, and it resulted in an absolutely AMAZING experience at birth for us. Using all the techniques we had learnt in classes ( relaxation, music, lighting, releasing fears) Renee gave birth to our healthy little son Leonardo Phoenix using no painkillers and having an all natural birth!

It was a blessing of the most high to have such an event in our lives and I truly believe HypnoBirthing contributed to it in a huge way, and I’m forever grateful.
James Mackay

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