The Benefits of HypnoBirthing® Go Way Beyond Birth

By Kylie Dawson – HypnoBirthing® Practitioner in Brisbane


During one of our HypnoBirthing® sessions I distinctly remember my HypnoBirthing® practitioner saying to my husband and I that “birth is the easy part, it’s what comes after that is hard, I recommend you spend this time before your baby arrives discussing a range of things, including how you want to approach parenting”.

I thought she was crazy! Even though I felt calm about the upcoming birth, and knew that my body was made to bring my baby into the world, I, as a first time mum, understandably still felt that labour and birth was the biggest hurdle ahead of me at the time….boy was I wrong!!

Our journey, like most, started with sleep deprivation…struggling to establish breastfeeding…pondering the big dummy / pacifier question…adapting to our little one’s need to co-sleep……do I express and use a bottle to get a little sleep, or not?….how will we physically be able to do the grocery shopping?….and will we ever eat dinner together again? This was all tied up with that ever present question of whether I was now doomed to living life in my pyjamas with vomit as my ever present accessory.

But as a wise and wonderful friend of mine says, “Like most things in life, these things are only temporary” and life does move forward. Fast forward 18 months and my husband and I have a gorgeous, vivacious, life-loving 18 month old who lights up our life! (And the regular sleep is great too!) And while the challenges of raising a new born have passed, new and different challenges have arrived to replace them.

HypnoBirthing® empowered me to have the birth I wanted. My husband and I were able to bring our baby into the world in a natural, calm and relaxed way…we were intimately involved, and no one “delivered” my baby, like a package, I birthed him! HypnoBirthing® helped me grow the confidence I needed to advocate for myself and my baby and we avoided an unneeded and unnecessary inducement – I was firm, not aggressive or rude, with hospital staff and they responded positively and with support.

But HypnoBirthing® has given all three of us so much more than a miraculous and unforgettable labour and birth! It has taught my husband and I to breathe through those challenging moments, such as the tantrum that is thrown when you won’t allow your toddler to drink water from the dog’s bowl! It has, through its very nature, supported us to determine the parenting approach we want to use – calm, supportive, empowered and firm. Beyond parenting, it has also taught us to slow down, relax, be calm and still, trust our bodies and instincts, question, seek answers and find the truth.

Kylie Dawson is one of our wonderful HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method Gold Seal Practitioners from Brisbane, QLD.

Kylie has a Bachelor in Education (Primary), and as well as educating with HypnoBirthing® she works in the early childhood education and care field supporting early childhood services and educators to provide high quality, play-based learning programs for children aged birth – 5 years.


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