How To Have An Amazing Birth

The vast majority of pregnant women cross their legs when it comes to talk about childbirth.

The pain, oh the pain, and have you heard about the mucous plug and tearing?!  It certainly doesn’t paint a pretty picture for any expecting women!

Well guess what?! The biggest secret is that women are absolutely incredible and strong beyond belief.  Our bodies are phenomenal and when you understand how they work physically, hormonally and emotionally, your birth can actually be beautiful.

At The HypnoBirthing Collective, we’ve educated hundreds of couples about how to have an awesome, positive and satisfying birth. Mama – you got this!

But we get it, HypnoBirthing can sound a bit strange or weird for some.

If you or your partner are sitting on the fence about HypnoBirthing, your unsure if it’s for you but may be interested to know more. We’d like to invite you to come along to a free HypnoBirthing info session.

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Our HypnoBirthing Info sessions provide you with a chance to meet your practitioner, ask any questions you may have about HypnoBirthing, the course layout, what’s involved, and hopefully give you an idea for what the course will be like so you can make an informed decision.

During the free 1 hour session, you’ll learn lots of valuable information about childbirth, including:

  • 5 secrets to a positive Birth.
  • A list of great resources to use for labour – pre and post birth
  • Loads of other great information about the course.

Bookings are essential for the HypnoBirthing Info session, and there is no obligation to continue onto the course if you decide it’s not for you.

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