As a mother of two beautiful children living in Melbourne, Victoria, I understand the importance of creating a positive birth experience. Michelle Clift

While we spend countless hours preparing a safe, comfortable environment for the arrival of our baby.  A beautiful nursery, hand picked toys, books and clothes, all those hospital appointments, and suddenly our hospital bags are packed and ready to go. Yet we sadly forget to thoroughly prepare for the first, and one of the most important experiences in our baby’s life; the birth.

Yes your weekend or weekly hospital antenatal night classes will teach you the basics about birth, but do you really feel calm and confident going into labour?

Luckily, if you’re here right now, our HypnoBirthing classes can do just that! Prepare your mind and body for an amazing labour experience you may have only dreamed about.

HypnoBirthing Classes in Melbourne

Run by Michelle Clift, Elaine Adams and Lisa Moylan, HypnoBirthing educators and doulas here in Melbourne. Between us we have many years experience and our results speak for themselves. The majority of our couples experience a positive birth. We have experience in all types of birthing, from first time mothers to VBAC’s.

Our HypnoBirthing course promotes a calm environment for the you, your birthing partner and your baby’s entrance into this world.

Our classes concentrate on 6 core elements which include:

  • Education: you learn the physical, hormonal and emotional processes of labour. Huge amounts of evidence based information about hospitals and tests. This education is very different to hospital classes which often educate for parent compliance rather true informed choice.
  • Relaxation: We teach a variety of relaxation techniques which are helpful not just in pregnancy but for life. When you are relaxed in pregnancy, your baby is relaxed too which means they can develop just how they need to.
  • Visualisations: you will learn mental visualisations as well as receive physical posters that can help shorten labour and keep you focussed during the birth.
  • Affimations: whilst maybe a little woo-woo for some, affirmations can be extremely powerful. The sub-conscious mind believes what we tell it and the body follows with a physical and chemical response. If we tell ourselves that labour is scary and painful, it will be. If we tell ourselves, we are strong, powerful and can birth our baby joyfully, that too will be.
  • Hypnosis: firstly, there will be no clucking like a chicken in the birth suite! Hypnosis can change our perception of pain and it also allows us to clear our fears about birth easily and effortlessly.
  • Breathing: our 3 breathing techniques allow you to keep oxygen supplied to your baby reducing the chance of fetal distress and often shorten the length of labour because you are working with your body, rather than against it.

Prior to covid, we had group HypnoBirthing classes located in East Doncaster. We are currently working purely online but look forward to moving back to in person when we can. We can also arrange to come to you for private sessions, and service the wider Melbourne and Victoria area.

If you are located in Melbourne or Victoria and are a first time mother, a second or third time mother, pregnant with twins or are looking for a VBAC delivery, our HypnoBirthing classes may be just what you are looking for.

Please get in touch with us today for a chat.