Free Information Session

The best way to get a good understanding of HypnoBirthing and to meet me, is to attend one of my monthly free information sessions, “How To Have An Amazing Birth”.

I’m going to show you…

  • 5 Must Know Secrets For A Positive Birth
  • Details about the 6 areas of HypnoBirthing, and how they help you enjoy a remarkable birth experience
  • What a HypnoBirthing mother looks like in labour (calm, in control, confident and relaxed)
  • How birth trauma can affect you and your baby, plus the simple tips to avoid it
  • Real life stories from HypnoBirthing mothers
  • How you can have a more comfortable labour
  • How to reduce fear, worry and pain around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting

Bookings are essential as these sessions do book out (and change lives!)

This is a 1 hour live session at Simply Natural Wellness Centre: 41a Tunstall Square East Doncaster

7pm – 8pm.

Partners are welcome and encouraged to come along.  

All attendees received a free gift bag, an eBook (My 5 Secrets To A Positive Birth) and a gift voucher.

Register HERE To Secure Your Spot