When is my baby going to sleep?

!cid_4C5D435A7DD8436D88231EEE8E860128@anne73dbe211b5Recently our In-House Baby Whisperer, Amanda Bude was interviewed by Marika Hart, founder of Heresphere. Marika is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and she created her website as  place where women can access great education and exercise tips in the comfort of their own home. The next best thing to having your own personal physiotherapist!

Marika spends lots of time with new mums listening to their concerns, joys, anxieties and excitement. Her website addresses many of the questions that her mums ask, and a common question and concern for new mums is “oh my goodness, I’m so tired – when is my baby going to sleep?!!!”

Marika thought it would be great to share this interview with her ‘mums to be’ and ‘new mums’ to help them prepare for baby’s sleep, and rid themselves of the common anxiety and guilt many mothers are experiencing around baby’s sleep.

Here are some questions Marika asks Amanda:

  • What is normal? Should she be sleeping through the night by now?
  • What happens if my baby is sleep deprived for months – will it affect her development?
  • I don’t want to let him cry it out but am I making things worse by going in a cuddling him?
  • Am I ruining his sleep by letting him use a dummy?
  • I’ve heard formula fed babies sleep better – should I wean off the breast?

 Let’s Hear from our In-House Sleep Expert, Amanda Bude!

Enter Amanda Bude

Amanda Bude: HypnoBirthing PractitionerAmanda is a sleep consultant, midwife, HypnoBirthing educator, infant massage instructor and mother of 3. This lady is awesome. She is a member of our Steering Committee here in Australia, working toward more positive outcomes for Australian families.

She has a business called Groovy Babies, based in Queensland, which offers parents sleep consultations. She takes a holistic look at the whole family unit and helps by giving families structured advice on routines, settling techniques, food, environment and so much more.

Watch the video above, which is the interview with Marika and Amanda. If you have any questions for Amanda, you can reach her at www.groovybabies.com.au. She does consultations via Skype too, so if you aren’t based in Queensland you can still get help!

Jump over to Marika’s website to find great health tips and exercise tips for pregnancy. She even has a Pregnancy Club! Click on the Herasphere logo, and you’ll be there!


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