If you are looking for a calm, comfortable and controlled birthing experience, then HypnoBirthing is what you’ve been looking for.

So, what is HypnoBirthing?

While labour is seen as a very physical process, HypnoBirthing allows you to focus on the emotional and soulful aspects of your birth, not just for you, but also for your birth partner and baby.

HypnoBirthing is a complete education in birthing.

HypnoBirthing teaches you how to influence labour via a range of easily learned techniques that include: education, relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisations, affirmations and hypnosis.

Don’t worry, hypnosis for HypnoBirthing is not an out of body experience where you won’t remember any of your birth. Hypnosis promotes a natural state of relaxation and heightened state of awareness so you can focus on different aspects of your labour, and diminish others (like pain!)

HypnoBirthing can be appropriate for many mothers. First time mothers, mums planning a VBAC and even those who are booked for a planned c-section. The techniques taught in HypnoBirthing can be adapted for each of these birthing experiences.

Michelle is incredibly caring and passionate, about birthing, babies and the power of the mind with hypnotherapy. She melds those passions together and gave us the best preparation we could ask for, relieving a lot of our anxieties about the labour, and giving us a boost of confidence in asking for the care we want instead of what’s just on offer. Thanks again Michelle! Emma



I wish I had attended Michelle’s HypnoBirthing course for my first pregnancy! However, it was just as valuable attending the course in preparation for my VBAC attempt. Michelle’s course provided me with information and insights into what my body is capable of and made me feel more confident going into my second birth.

Michelle also provided me with amazing support outside of the course and just that meant the world to me. I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to feel good about themselves during pregnancy and to have the necessary tools to make informed decisions to have an awesome birth.

My husband also enjoyed the course and got a lot of information from it specifically how to support me, he said he would have been lost without Michelle’s tips. The HypnoBirthing skills I’ve learnt not only helped me on the birth day but I use it daily to relax and centre myself whilst looking after two kids! Thank you Michelle!! Ohnmar