Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring childbirth education can be a daunting task. Below are some of our frequently asked questions that should hopefully answer most of your queries or concerns.
When should I do HypnoBirthing?
The short answer is anytime from 20 weeks pregant. The longer answer is that it may depend on your learning style. Many couples choose to do the course around 20 weeks pregnant so they have as much time as possible to practice the techniques. They may then choose to come to any of the classes running between when they finish and their baby being born to refresh their knowledge. We offer this for free.

Other couples may like to do the course closer to their due date so all the knowledge is fresh in their mind. Or they may only find out about HypnoBirthing later in pregnancy. This is fine too and we’ve taught many couples successfully later in pregnancy. Of course there can be the risk of baby coming before the course has finished so in these cases, sometimes a private course which can be scheduled around your due date is a better option.

It’s never too early or too late to learn HypnoBirthing.

Who should do HypnoBirthing?
HypnoBirthing is for anyone wanting a positive birth. We teach women who are petrified of birth all the way through to women who are excited about birth but want some skills and techniques to use.

It doesn’t matter where you are having your baby – a private hospital with an obstetrician, a public hospital with a midwife or a home birth, HypnoBirthing works anywhere. We are experienced with VBAC’s, multiples and planned c-sections too.

What should I look for when researching my birth education options?

Most birth educators will tell you about their special seal they’ve been given when they certified and what makes their method the best.
We have slightly different advice.

  1. Check out the location and frequency of the classes – this has to work for you.
  2. Check out the price – you have to be able to afford it.
  3. Check out the results of the practitioner. Ours are:
    1. The majority of our couples have a positive birth experience
    2. The c-section rate for our couples is around 14% (general public is 33%)
    3. 100% of our couples feel confident in their ability to have a great birth after our course

HypnoBirthing has been taught at our clinic since 2000, we get great results, pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and are busy enough to run regular courses.

Your course cost seems to be at the higher end of average?
Firstly, it’s awesome that you know that and have been doing your research. There are lots of options out there and it’s a fair amount of money you’ll be spending so you want to make sure you get bang for your buck.

As with any service provider out there, there is going to be a sliding scale with cost and quality. As that scale slides up, the experience and results should match. We value what we teach highly and have the results to prove that it’s one of the best courses in Melbourne. We deliver a premium experience that we are very proud of.

We offer payment plans to suit any situation and budget and we also have a money back guarantee. If you or your partner doesn’t find the content we teach to be of relevance to pregnancy and labour, we’ll happily refund what you paid, minus the non-refundable deposit.

Does my partner have to come?
100% we would recommend that they come. It’s such an amazing opportunity for them to learn 25 pain-relieving techniques to support you through your labour. They get a huge insight into the physical and emotional process of labour. We can guarantee they will be confident and informed after the course. But not all partner’s want to come and not all partner are available. This is not ideal but we can still work with whatever situation you are in. It’s certainly not a reason to miss out on this phenomenal learning experience, just because your partner can’t or doesn’t want to do it.
How long is your course?

Our course is 12.5 hours long. We teach this over 5 sessions, each 2.5 hours long. It’s at the longer side of birth education but we have used this tried and tested method over many years and know that it works.

We don’t run long sessions as we believe that this much information needs to be taken in slowly so you can remember it and have time to master the techniques taught before the next session.

What are you educators like?

All of our educators have had babies and used HypnoBirthing for their births. The actual birth experiences vary and your educator will share her experiences in your class. Both Michelle, Elaine and Lisa are in their 30’s, have two kids each and live locally. They would all describe themselves as your regular mum in the suburbs, simply sharing their huge passion for amazing pregnancies and births.

I’m pretty mainstream. Is the program ‘alternative/woo-woo/hippy-ish’?
It’s the name HypnoBirthing right? Sounds weird? We get it! The vast majority of the course content is based in science and backed up by evidence and studies. There are some other elements to the course like visualisations, affirmations and the law of attraction which might seem a little out there to some but it’s all pretty tame. And the awesome thing is, if you don’t like any part of the course, you don’t have to practice it because there are so are so many other techniques.


I’m still hesitant to book in. What should I do?

You have a couple of options. You can book a 20 minute discovery call with Michelle, one of our educators and the owner of the business or you could come along to our free monthly session ‘How To Have An Amazing Birth’ where you learn tons more about the program and can meet the educators.