We have been supporting women since the year 2000. Alison Burton was one of the first ever Melbourne HypnoBirthing Educators and went on to teach many couples, midwives and obstetricians about this incredible program.

In 2016, Michelle Clift, Alison’s daughter came on board and took over the business. In 2020, Elaine Adams and Lisa Moylan joined the team.


I am a second-generation birth passioneer, a protector and supporter of birthing parents and birth workers alike. Among so many things, I am a HypnoBirthing educator, doula, coach, advocate and disruptor of the birthing status quo. I also laugh too hard at my own jokes and I curse a bit too often.
Since attending my first birth in 2016, I fell head over heels in love with all things birth and was determined to make this my life’s calling. Connecting women to their purpose, to their children, to their ability to birth, to run businesses, to be happy…this is my reason for being on this earth.

For my birthing parents, through my education and doula services, I am dedicated to your positive birthing experience and consider being invited into your birthing space an incredible honour and privilege. I will teach you the tools you need to ensure you are empowered, informed and supported. I will use my skills and intuition to hold space for the birthing parents and support team. I have a range of packages to suit everyone since I truly believe that everyone deserves to experience a birth full of love, support and guidance. My work in this area is currently available throughout Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

Regardless of how we connect and work together, my promise is this:
  • I cannot empower you, but I will inspire you to empower yourself;
  • I cannot advocate for you, but I will hold space for you and your hand while you advocate for yourself;
  • I cannot do any of this for you – but I believe in you, your strength and the love you have for your child and/or your business.
If you are looking for someone authentic, dedicated and compassionate, I’m your woman.
I can’t wait to share the piece of the birthing puzzle, you never knew was missing.



I have a passion for empowering families to have a positive pregnancy and birthing experience. Through my own experiences as a HypnoBirthing mum to two amazing boys I want to share the valuable tools and techniques to assist in preparing the mind and body during pregnancy, birth and beyond. I truly believe in the mind body connection and want to empower women to trust in their bodies and approach birth positively.

I have enjoyed teaching HypnoBirthing since 2016 and have also recently completed my Doula studies. I like to create a nurturing class environment where couples feel safe, respected and comfortable. It is a privilege and joy being a small part of supporting couples to having a positive birthing experience.



I have always believed in the power of the mind, body connection and have tried many natural therapies to sustain a healthy, balanced mindset throughout my life. When I was first pregnant I knew I wanted a natural, drug free birth and believed that bringing our baby girl into to this world in a calm state was going to provide her the best start to life.

So I did my research and that’s when I met the lovely Michelle from The HypnoBirthing Collective. From the moment we spoke to completing the HypnoBirthing Classes, everything resonated and I knew what we were learning was going to assist us on our birthing journey. Through practicing HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method we went on to achieved a natural, calm birth.  I truly believe that if I hadn’t done the course and practiced regularly I wouldn’t have had the birth I did. It truly made a difference to our experience and my overall wellbeing moving forward into parenthood.

During the first year of being a new mum I wanted to learn more about HypnoBirthing to hopefully share it with many other woman. I want others to experience an empowering, gentle birth as I am a firm believer that if we bring life into this world in a sacred, quiet, calm space we will truly make a difference to the child’s upbringing and create a beautiful start to their life and those around them.

I commenced studying in August 2019 and became a certified educator in December 2019 and now ready to share the work with many other woman and their birth partners.

I bring a gentle and personal presence to my classes and enjoy creating a nurturing, trusting space where couples can feel vulnerable and gain a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves, which then assists them during their birth.

In my spare time, I love getting outside into nature with my family.



Michelle was a fantastic educator and was genuinely interested in how we went after we left the classroom. I found the content of the course valuable and she even followed up and allowed us to attend refresher sessions closer to our due date to help us feel prepared. While my babe’s birth wasn’t as smooth or how I had envisioned it, I would still definitely recommend the course and Michelle. Professional, friendly & knows her stuff. Thanks for helping us feel prepared and informed I think we would have had a different birth experience had we not engaged Michelle.