40450_141125645926318_110499858988897_191914_6086396_nWhy Choose HypnoBirthing

Contemporary women in our culture hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth, too often associating it with excruciating pain, thereby causing their bodies to become unable to perform what should be a normal physiological function. HypnoBirthing is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education enhanced by self‑hypnosis and guided imagery techniques that allow women to use their natural abilities to bring about safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing.

HypnoBirthing teaches a woman how to release all prior programming about birth to free herself of limiting thoughts and emotions that lead to pain-causing fear and resistant muscles. When giving birth with HypnoBirthing, a mother is not in a trance or asleep but instead in a state of deep relaxation—awake, aware, and fully in control.

The Six Techniques of HypnoBirthing

  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Visualisation
  • Self Hypnosis / Deepenings
  • Affirmations
  • Education

In a series of five confidence- building classes, they learn what makes labour hurt; but more importantly, they learn the logic behind why labour doesn’t have to hurt and what they can do about it. Mums and their birth companions study the physical and chemical changes that occur over a period of time when fear and anxiety are allowed to accumulate. This awareness of the fight, flight, or freeze response helps them to choose calm. They practice exercises in class, designed to help them see the relationship between fear and the possibility of pain. These exercises become life skills that also shore up their parenting skills. Armed with this knowledge, the pattern of calming techniques and steps that they learn helps them to create endorphins and avoid the effect of the negative hormones that cause their bodies to constrict, rather than open.

The overall effect is that birthing parents are better able to appreciate the benefits of calm, gentle birthing, making the experience a joyful one for mother, baby, and birth companion—benefits that can last a life time.

The five-week series includes a textbook, relaxation CD or Mp3, and everything you need to know to reconnect with your birthing instincts and create an amazing birthing experience.

What we teach week by week

Session 1: Building A Positive Expectancy
Session 2: Falling in Love With Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body
Session 3: Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby
Session 4: Overview of Childbirth—A Labour of Love
Session 5: Birthing—Breathing Love, Bringing Life

How do we do this?

We discuss:
• Breathing techniques that quickly create a state of relaxation and comfort;
• Positions and techniques to bring about a deeper level of relaxation;
• Visualisations to make birthing easier;
• Methods to bring about a natural start to labour;
• What to expect during the last few weeks, at the onset and during labour and how the body will work with you;
• How to clear anxieties, limiting beliefs or fear surrounding birth;
• How the birth companion can help and be a real part of the birth; and more….

We have many skilled, experienced and passionate Practitioners from varied backgrounds including; midwifery, nursing, hypnotherapy and counselling. Please accept our invitation to introduce you to this empowering antenatal course. You will discover it is not just about birth; it is a life experience.

HypnoBirthing Advantages

  • Teaches you deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and pain
  • Gives dad / partner or birth companion an integral role in the birthing
  • Teaches you and your birthing partner how to work alongside your birthing team to achieve the birth you desire
  • Shortens the first phase of labour by several hours
  • Leaves you feeling alert, fresh and awake with energy during your labour
  • Reduces the need for an episiotomy
  • Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth for themselves and their baby whatever turn their birthing takes
  • Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting
  • Teaches you breathing techniques that allows you to breathe your baby into the world without the violence of hard, physical pushing
  • Allows you and your partner to approach birth and parenting informed and empowered

Data shows that HypnoBirthing mums have:

  • Fewer cases of pre-eclampsia/ dehydration
  • Fewer interventions and surgical births
  • Decreased use of oxytocics or AROM
  • Shorter first and second-phase labor
  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies
  • Lessened or eliminated need for analgesia
  • Happier and content mothers and babies
  • Babies alert; able to nurse almost immediately
  • Fewer cases of post-partum depression reported
  • Infants with higher than average APGAR scores

Ongoing Support is the key to success

When you book into our course you won’t be waved goodbye and good luck at the end of the 5 sessions, as each of our practitioners gives you an ongoing continuity of care, which means you will have continued support up until the birth, and post-natally. We want to ensure that you have understood and adapted all of the techniques, and have support for any circumstances that may arise. This level of nurturing and care, is something you won’t get from an online course, or other courses. We pride ourselves in a more personal approach to support parents through this wonderful experience of pregnancy and birth, and helps you settle into that delicate time after birth feeling supported.

HypnoBirthing Supports You However You Birth

We educate and prepare you for a positive birth experience. Birth is unpredictable, and we give you tools and techniques to be prepared for any scenario in birth, so that you can make the best decisions and lead the birth down a road that is not intervened unnecessarily. If you are required to have a caesarean, our course is still relevant to you, and we have lots of resources and materials to support you for any special circumstance. In the HypnoBirthing International program, you will learn about all your options. We support couples wherever they choose to birth, and however they choose to birth.