About HypnoBirthing


HypnoBirthing is a philosophy as much as a technique. It’s based on the belief that childbirth in not an illness or a medical event. During the HypnoBirthing classes you will learn that a woman’s body knows how to give birth safely and comfortably when she is relaxed and free of fear. You will also learn the importance of how a child is born and that the experience of birth has a lasting impact on both you and your child.

HypnoBirthing is taught as a series of classes to help you understand the process of birth, clear any fear you may have about it, and learn deep relaxation and breathing techniques, including self-hypnosis. You attend the classes together with your partner or support person.

We are proud to teach HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method, which is the Gold Standard of Birth Education Classes around the world. Taught in 45 countries, in 5 hospitals in hospital, its truly the best birthing course out there.

Marie Mongan has devoted her life to helping woman to give birth safely, comfortably and joyfully. She has four children and her own birthing experiences inspired her to create HypnoBirthing. This program teaches women how to manage birth in a natural, safe and more comfortable way. It has taken the birthing world by calm and HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method, which originated in the US, is now taught in 45 countries around the world, including Australia.

Marie Mongan’s passion and commitment to helping birthing mothers gain the knowledge and skills needed to manage birth, combined with the consistent content, standard and quality of HypnoBirthing classes ensure that HypnoBirthing offers you the very best opportunity to have a safe and natural birth. HypnoBirthing has established a global reputation for high quality birthing preparation.

HypnoBirthing Practitioners are accredited by the HypnoBirthing Insitute. All Accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioners receive ongoing professional training and have access to up to date information. You can rest assured that your Accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioner is fully qualified to competently guide and support you through the program.