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Join our passionate team of Australian HypnoBirthing educators providing childbirth education and techniques to families for a calm and gentle birth experience and a positive journey into parenthood. A Four Day Training that will not only change your life, but the families you work with. Our International Network of HypnoBirthing Educators are spreading the message of positive and calm birthing throughout 46 Countries!

HypnoBirthing Educator training is available to Doctors, Doulas, Midwives, Nurses, Healthcare Providers, Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Childbirth Educators, Hypnotherapists, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, and anyone with an interest in maternal health and birthing.

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All Australian certified HypnoBirthing educators are currently trained by our Australian faculty members, and trainings are eligible for Student membership of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association(AHA) and 32 CPD Points from the Australian College of Midwives (ACM). 

A full business solution

Everything you need to get started and run a successful and profitable business. No previous experience necessary, just a passion for positive birth! You will receive the resources, education and support to run your small business.

Ongoing support

A dedicated team behind you to support you every step of the way. Our supportive community of Educators and leadership team are dedicated to your success.

Internationally recognised

You will become certified with the only program in Australia certified by The HypnoBirthing® Institute (a global leader of Childbirth Education in 46 countries).

HypnoBirthing Educator Training

Is HypnoBirthing Training right for you?

If you’re a midwife, doula or would like to start a rewarding new career or small business as a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator helping mother’s enjoy calmer, natural and more positive birthing experiences then this training is for you.
As Part Of Your Certification You’ll Receive:

Internationally recognised certification with the HypnoBirthing Institute (recognised in 46 countries)

  • 4 day face-to-face training conducted by HypnoBirthing International Australia. The only HypnoBirthing program in Australia that is researched and evidenced based.
  • The opportunity to help mums and babies enjoy more positive, calmer and safer birthing experiences that require less drugs and interventions .
  • A complete turnkey business solution that gives you everything you need to get started and teaching after certification, including complete step-by-step program lesson plans, marketing materials, promotional video etc.
  • Comprehensive ongoing support from Australian based team and local state committee member.
  • Membership with the HypnoBirthing® Institute that provides an active, online client referral system and directory listing.
  • Midwives receive 32 CPD points through Australian College Of Midwives
    And much more…

Outcomes for the four day training:

This comprehensive and dynamic training will provide you with everything you need to advance your career or start an exciting and rewarding small business teaching Australian couples this popular premium childbirth education program. 

  • Learn how to teach the 5 session HypnoBirthing® program with confidence and professionalism.
  • Receive easy to follow lesson plans with presentations, Australian relaxation mp3’s, birth videos and handouts for your classes.
  • Understand the awareness of the consciousness of the baby before, during, and after experiencing birth.
  • Gain an understanding of the working of the body’s own natural relaxants.
  • Learn Relaxation techniques that eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome.
  • Trust that the mother’s body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature, and learn proven relaxation techniques to bring about easier, more comfortable labour and birthing, & specific deepening techniques.
  • Understand the three stages of labour as a continuum & varying relaxation skills.
  • Explore prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal parenting and bonding.
    And so much more!

Recent statistics from our HypnoBirthing Parents:

12.8 %

reported a C-section – against our national average of 33%

20.43 %

had an epidural – against our national average of 46.5%

61 %

reduction in C-sections and a reduction in epidural use by 56%.


went into labour spontaneously without any effort to get it started.

12.27 %

used natural methods to initiate labour, and only 21.86 % were induced by their care providers.


of births ended with mother baby skin to skin immediately or within the first hour after birth.

Of those in this group that did have intervention or procedures, only 5.25% said that the procedures or interventions were done without their full understanding or permission.

Enjoy the rewards of teaching visualisation and imagery that assists expectant parents as they release fear to prepare for a calm, easier and more satisfying birth.

Why become a HypnoBirthing Educator

Becoming a HypnoBirthing Educator will add a whole new dimension to your life. Today, more than ever before, people are attracted to the HypnoBirthing International Educator Certification Program because of the satisfaction that teaching this program and working with young families is bringing into their lives. An even greater attraction for educators is seeing the impact that the HypnoBirthing philosophy of calm and gentle birthing is having on a large majority of low-risk women who are coming to realize that birth is about them and their babies. Through weekly pre-natal classes, educators are helping families to reclaim birth as their own.

Read more about the ’10 Reasons Why HypnoBirthing International is the Course for You’!

Are you the right person to join our team?

If you are passionate about positive birth, and believe that all couples should prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenting through education that enables them to be informed and empowered, then we are off to a great start! If you are ready to create a business that enables you to make a difference to the lives of others, and gives you an income and flexibility for yourself and your family, you are just the person we are looking for!

If you are a Midwife, Doula, Nurse, Doctor, Healthcare Provider, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Yoga/Pilates Instructor, Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Childbirth Educator, HypnoBirthing Parent, or have an interest in maternal health and birthing, then we want you to help us spread this message of calm. positive and gentle birth.

Why HypnoBirthing International?

When choosing an organisation to align with, you want to be sure that you are getting the very best in education and are choosing the authentic brand. The HypnoBirthing International (Mongan Method) program here in Australia is the original HypnoBirthing, and offers a professional and comprehensive program that meets Australian Educational Standards, and continually adapts to reflect the Australian Maternity Models of Care.
We understand that it is a little confusing now as there are other ‘hypnobirthing’ programs available, claiming that they are the HypnoBirthing Australian version, and we’ve had many emails from confused people asking the difference. So here is the answer to the question so many are asking. Like in any industry, when a product or service is so successful, people copy it, then ride on the coat tails of that success. We believe it is unethical to copy someones work, pretend it is yours and mislead the public with clever marketing campaigns. So be sure you are in the right place!

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  • Course fees and what's included
  • Ongoing support to run a successful business
  • Who is suitable to do the training and why
  • Our organisation and why we want you on our team!

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Our International Network of HypnoBirthing Educators are spreading the message of positive and calm birthing throughout 46 Countries!

Educator Reviews

Read more about what others are saying about our HypnoBirthing Training Courses, Workshops and Webinars.

Loved it all! Wonder, inspiring, informative and cleverly organised. I can’t wait to teach it!
Frances Hunt

Midwife, NSW

Loved the program, and how easy it is to understand. Anthea is so inspiring, warm loving and knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She made learning easy! I feel so inspired to share all I have learn’t.
Karen Steeles


Very organised and laid out course. I really enjoyed all the relaxation exercises. It is a very useful program and everything was explained very well. I can’t wait to get out and start teaching the good word!
Jessica Mulhall

Midwife, QLD

I’m impressed with the whole concept from start to finish. It is amazing. This is the way birth should be for all women and babies, not just a ‘lucky’ few. I can’t wait to share this program!
Melissa Genovesi


Excellent, well run program with superior information and knowledge. This program will help all our mothers to know how to have a positive birth experience!
Edwina Conroy

Midwife, QLD

I loved this whole course. It will definitely change / enhance my practice as a midwife. The ability to gift HypnoBirthing to a couple and then work with them in labour and birth is inspiring and rewarding beyond words.
Carolyn Newman

Midwife, VIC

This journey has been so much fun…i’m so glad it all managed to work out for me to be able to attend this years course and meet you and embark on these adventures! It is a very well thought out & effective program that is changing the worlds view on birth. I cant wait to put this all to practice, and to become a part of positive change for birthing!
Lauren Wilcox

HypnoBirthing Mum, QLD

Extremely impressed! A wonderful, clear and easy to understand program (making you feel confident to educate and deliver the material). This is not just for birth, but for life! Breathe it all in, love it all out!
Noirin O’Loughlin

Midwife, VIC

Excellent, well organised and overall a very comprehensive and great presentation. This is excellent preparation for mothers, fathers and caregivers for a calm and joyous birth.
Kathleen Brookes

Midwife & Hypnotherapist, SA

Wonderful! I highly recommend this training. It was so well organised and presented, and the materials are up to date, very modern and Australian! I loved the program and can’t wait to get started teaching couples!
Fernanda Vial


Thank you! This was an amazing 4 days. Everyone involved in HypnoBirthing International is extremely passionate about the philosophy and providing women with the best possible education about having a calm birth.
Demmi Andriske

Student Midwife, NSW

Really professional! This is an inspirational and powerfully woman centred birth education programme, whose goal is to instil in HypnoBirthig families their confidence in achieving a gentle and calm birth for their baby.
Lizzy Andrews

Midwife, VIC

Bback training in Perth has re-ignited my passion to teach HypnoBirthing. It feels wonderful to be part of a truly international organization with strong, active leadership in Australia. There was a lovely atmosphere of community and warmth between practitioner and I learned a lot from both the fabulous presenter and the other, more experienced practitioners who were kind enough to share their expertise. It is great to see such up to date resources being developed for our programme and I can’t wait to begin sharing them with the couples I work with. I now feel excited for the future of HypnoBirthing Mongan Method in Australia.
Emily Shiel

Women’s Physiotherapist, WA

Very knowledgeable presenter!
Jane McDermott

Midwife, QLD

Wonderful, inspiring program! Anthea is a great, passionate presenter. This course is so inspiring, and I can’t wait to start educating and empowering women and their families about HypnoBirthing and how to achieve a positive birth experience!
Eloise Davis

Midwife, QLD

Thank you for a quality 4 days. The program is extremely thorough and engaging. Anthea is a knowledgeable and engaging trainer. I’m excited to start teaching!
Kerry Bird


AMAZING!!! Anthea’s passion shines from within and I’m so grateful to have spent this time with her and the beautiful ladies who completed the course!
Sarah Williams


The training course gave us so much information and sequentially led us through in an orderly manner. I feel like there is a huge amount of support to enable me to move forward as a new HypnoBirthing Practitioner!
Marlene Winton

Midwife, WA

Terrific! I felt so inspired and exalted at the end of this program. I will be highly recommending this course to all my peers. I cannot wait to share this program with expectant parents. It really is the most comprehensive and inspiring birth education course run by an equally inspiring facilitator! Thanks Anthea!
Angela Koutsofrigas

Acupuncturist, VIC

Anthea is wonderful and engages with the trainees easily. The HypnoBirthing training has provided me with a whole other layer of information to present to couples and knowledge to spread the joy of positive birth!
Nadia Senjuschenko

Doula, WA

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