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Welcome to the official HypnoBirthing program in Australia. The HypnoBirthing International program is a premium evidence based childbirth program giving parents tools and education to birth with confidence and free of fear.

HypnoBirthing is a technique for achieving a positive, calm and stress-free birth. When you are properly prepared for childbirth and when the mind and body are in harmony, nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner that it does with all mothers in nature.

You and your birth partner will gain the confidence to advocate for your birth choices, choose and work collaboratively with a care-provider and team that you completely trust, feel supported by and know will ensure that your birth isn’t intervened with unnecessarily or without your consent.

Through self-hypnosis, special breathing, visualisation techniques, and so much more, the comprehensive HypnoBirthing International program gives you everything you need to feel prepared and confident for birth and parenting as well as have you feeling supported (as you should) during this most important and transformative experience of your life!

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Hypnobirthing Techniques

What is HypnoBirthing? 

HypnoBirthing is a birthing method that uses various relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis to help women feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for labour and birth.

Breathing exercises have long been part of antenatal classes, however HypnoBirthing takes this to another level with visualisation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help the mother concentrate on her body and the birth of the child. HypnoBirthing teaches you that, in the absence of fear and anxiety, pain will not be as severe and can be managed quite successfully. Most importantly, women are fully educated with all available birthing techniques and pain control options, so they can make an informed choice that is right for them. HypnoBirthing can be used with all other types of pain relief and be added to your birth plan.

HypnoBirthing is an evidence based 5 week childbirth education program that teaches you and your birth partner everything you need to know to navigate pregnancy, birth and beyond with confidence. We help you release the fears you have around birthing and parenting, help you trust your body, and give you proven tools and techniques to birth in a calmer, more comfortable way so that you can birth just the way you want to and feel incredibly positive and proud about it! Each course runs for five 2.5 hours sessions over 5 weeks. We are flexible and there are options for private classes to meet your schedule.

Hypnobirthing Techniques

Why HypnoBirthing works

According to Dr Grantly Dick-Read, when fear is not present neither is pain. Fear causes the arteries leading to the uterus to constrict and become tense, creating pain. In the absence of fear, the muscles relax and become pliable, and the cervix is able to naturally thin and open as the body pulsates rhythmically and expels the baby with ease.

Through deep relaxation and innate breathing, you can rid your body of the debilitating fear that creates tension and labour pain. HypnoBirthing® creates the ideal platform for women, their partners and their babies to learn the necessary tools in order to achieve their ultimate birth wishes.

It reminds us that birth is normal and natural, and like the bodies of other mammals in nature, a healthy pregnant woman instinctively knows how to birth, just as their bodies instinctively know how to conceive and nurture the development of their babies.

The HypnoBirthing program and antenatal class is now used in 8 Major Australian hospitals, is recommended by midwives and obstetricians and has over 180 certified educators because it is evidenced based, and it works!

“My Dream Is That Every Woman Everywhere Will Know The Joy Of A Safe, Satisfying Birth, For Both Her Herself And Her Baby”
– Marie F. Mongan (Founder) 1989

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“Using breathing techniques and visualisation, I had about 6 hours of surges and we arrived to hospital 8cm, 2nd stage was using the birth pool and in 1 hour our Madilyn arrived! I remained calm. A dream labour! All the preparation made for a dream birthing experience.”

Amanda, QLD

“I expected to just learn relaxation techniques but I also got a real education on labour and different scenarios we could be faced with. Not only did I get a lot of of the sessions but my partner felt empowered to know exactly how to help me through the labour.”

Ceri S, VIC

“I felt so calm throughout the whole experience and really could just trust my body to do what it needed to. The labour was amazing and the skills that you were able to pass onto us were just incredible and invaluable to our birthing experience.”

Nadia & Adam, WA

Give birth, free from fear with self hypnosis
& breathing techniques

Since 1989, Marie F. Mongan has been helping women experience a positive birth free from fear.
Read about all the amazing benefits of HypnoBirthing.

HypnoBirthing Techniques

HypnoBirthing– The Mongan Method, teaches evidence based techniques to reduce fear, pain and anxiety during childbirth. HypnoBirthing involves calm breathing with guided mediation, deep relaxation with positive affirmations. Many women who use HypnoBirthing are able to manage their sensations in labour more effectively.

Our HypnoBirthing course helps women be informed for all stages of the pregnancy, labour and birth, including nutrition, relaxation, acupressure & rebozo skills. HypnoBirthing teaches woman to know their body & the birth process, eliminating fear & anxiety she may have around birth.

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Giving Birth
When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.
– Marie Mongan

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Our program empowers and educates families for a positive birth experience.

By adding a HypnoBirthing Class to your pre-natal care and education, you will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles CAN work in perfect harmony, as they were designed to – when you are sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth. You will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that anxiety creates, and you will use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth. Group or Private HypnoBirthing classes are available.

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Where does HypnoBirthing come from?

HypnoBirthing is the work of Marie F. Mongan, Founder and Director of the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

Marie developed the HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education program over 3 decades ago when she saw a need in the birthing industry to return back to intuitive and calm birth. HypnoBirthing was created to allow a mothers body to birth the way it was intended, without interruptions and interference.

If a mother has had a healthy pregnancy and there are no complications she should be given the right to birth as naturally as possible.

Today, HypnoBirthing is the Gold Standard of Childbirth Education across the globe, with classes taught in over 46 countries. HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method is recognised here in Australia as the Gold Standard of Birthing.

HypnoBirthing Educators following the code of ethics laid down by the HypnoBirthing® Institute, are rewarded with a Gold Seal. This Gold Seal assures families that the information they receive is the most relevant, evidence based, up to date and follows HypnoBirthing teaching guidelines.

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Look for the Gold Seal of Quality…

HypnoBirthing International (The Mongan Method) is the Gold Standard of HypnoBirthing Globally. We are the original and official HypnoBirthing Program here in Australia & the program chosen by the Royals! The Gold Seal signifies both credibility and professionalism of our Educators Internationally with accreditation from the HypnoBirthing Institute. This emblem is only given to those educators who have pushed themselves successfully to complete the extensive HypnoBirthing Certification and training. We have over 30 years of proven results and many, many successful, positive birth stories.