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Positive Birth

There are so many benefits for you and for your baby when spending time each day in relaxation during pregnancy. Now more than ever parents-to-be like yourself are experiencing anxiety, uncertainty and stress about what’s ahead for them. Our gift to you is a guided relaxation that you can listen to daily to help release fears and feel calm, centered and grounded.

You are not alone during COVID-19, and our team, and birth professionals all over Australia are dedicated to ensuring that you are supported during what is a very special time for you.

Enjoy this small but powerful gift!

The Best Birth Preparation For You, Your Partner & Your Baby

Amazing Birth

If you would love to have an amazing birth we can provide you with proven tools and techniques to ensure both your body and mind are in the most relaxed, confident and calm state when giving birth.

Learning these HypnoBirthing techniques will help you…

• Experience less pain, fear and worry before and during birth
• Reduce the likelihood of needing an intervention
• Reduce the need for drugs allowing you to have a natural, drug-free birth
• Gain the confidence and knowledge to create a birth plan that you are 100% comfortable with
• Reduce the likelihood of your baby experiencing birth trauma
• Enjoy the most positive birth experience possible for you, your family and your baby

Recent Statistics From Our HypnoBirthing Parents:

• Only 12.8 % reported a C-section – against our national average of 33%
• Only 20.43% had an epidural – against our national average of 46.5%

This is a reduction in C-sections by 61%, and a reduction in epidural use by 56%. 

• 65.27% went into labour spontaneously without any effort to get it started.
• 12.27% used natural methods to initiate labour, and only 21.86 % were induced by their care providers.
• Of those in this group that did have intervention or procedures, only 5.25% said that the procedures or interventions were done without their full understanding or permission.
• 82.32% of births ended with mother and baby skin to skin immediately or within the first hour after birth.

Get started below and enjoy an amazing birth experience…

190 Qualified Educators Australia-Wide

HypnoBirthing International have over 190 qualified Educators across Australia, so no matter where you are you can join us for group or private classes. During COVID-19 our classes are available as LIVE ONLINE Classes.

Evidence Based Hospital Program

Everything we teach is based on scientific research and evidence. Our program is now run in 8 of Australia’s most prestigious hospitals because of the amazing results our mums experience.

Internationally Recognised 

We are the world’s most trusted HypnoBirthing Program and run the only program in Australia certified by The HypnoBirthing Institute ( a global leader in Childbirth Education)

What Doctors Say About This Program

As an obstetrician, your ultimate aim is for a healthy mother and a healthy baby after the pregnancy and delivery. However if you can enhance the woman’s experience so that she is less fearful, more in control and can manage to achieve that much desired intervention-free labour, then this is a fantastic outcome. With many hundreds of my patients having undertaken this childbirth preparation I am definitely impressed by the way it helps enhance a woman’s chances of having a safe and natural delivery.”

Dr Peter Jurcevic – Obstetrician and Maternal Foetal Medicine Specialist, Melbourne

What Past Client’s Say About Our Program…

“A dream birth! So, I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical about HypnoBirthing. I even remained so (a little) after the course. After the most incredible birthing experience, I gladly own up to how wrong I was! Kirsty was so sweet and thorough. She invested so much time and energy (well beyond anything I’d expected) to make sure that Scott and I were both well prepared for birthing our second daughter. Without Kirsty’s guidance in HypnoBirthing I don’t think we’d have had the birth we did. It gave both my husband and I the confidence to advocate for the birth we wanted and that felt natural to us. It was helpful in ways I hadn’t imagined possible and couldn’t have predicted.

Eliza W, QLD

“What an amazing experience my hubby and I had doing HypnoBirthing classes leading up to the birth of our son. Having had 2 previous caesareans, our decision to go a natural birth 3rd time around was not taken lightly. We were very apprehensive, that is, until we started our Hypno birthing journey with Moran. She taught us not to fear natural birth and that it should not be a medical procedure to birth your baby. She gave us the tools and knowledge to make our own informed decisions on how we brought our son into the world in a hospital environment. Without her we most certainly would not have achieved the natural drug free birth we so desperately wanted and achieved. We couldn’t of done it without you!!”

Jennifer, QLD

“Do yourself a favour! Before we met Meaghan I was terrified of giving birth, to the point I felt anxious all of the time. A couple of my friends recommended Meaghan and I am so thankful they did. After just a few sessions we had confronted our fears, learnt so much and were armed with an arsenal of visualisations and breathing exercises to help us on our birth journey. For us, knowledge was power. I cannot recommend Meaghan highly enough. She’s amazing! Even my husband who was sceptical at first got so much out of the experience.”

Jade Q, QLD

“Fantastic experience! We had such a great experience with Natalie. She was thoughtful, conscientious, knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. She gave us both some much confidence in going into our Birth. Not only did I get a lot of of the sessions but my partner felt empowered to know exactly how to help me through the labour. I expected to just learn relaxation techniques but I also got a real education on labour and different scenarios we could be faced with. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone considering the HypnoBirthing course. She is also a really lovely lady who takes obvious joy in helping couples to have a great birth.”

Ceri S, VIC

Enjoy an amazing birthing experience!