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Welcome to our website and our beautiful community. We are the official HypnoBirthing training centre in Australia, where we live and breath the Mongan Method — the original and the best. With proven techniques and wonderful success stories, we are so proud to teach our trainees the Gold Standard of HypnoBirthing that is internationally accredited throughout 46 countries! As well as the best education, we offer an amazing network and culture to support you on your journey as an educator.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Educator, we invite you to explore these pages and sign up to our course. If you need guidance at any stage, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are excited to join you on your journey as you help couples achieve a positive birth experience.

Love from HypnoBirthing® International – The Mongan Method x

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The HypnoBirthing International (Mongan Method) program here in Australia is the official and original HypnoBirthing program that offers professional and comprehensive training in line with Australian educational standards. As well as Gold Class training we offer an amazing support network.

The Gold Standard

This training carries a Gold Seal approval which is recognised in 46 countries. It assures the general public that the educator is of the highest standard and has passed their comprehensive certification review and has agreed to the codes of ethics by the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

Hypnobirthing Techniques

Workshop for Health Professionals

Already a professional in the birth industry and would like to learn more about supporting HypnoBirthing parents?
This one day workshop is just for you. 

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Extremely impressed! A wonderful, clear and easy to understand program (making you feel confident to educate and deliver the material). This is not just for birth, but for life! Breathe it all in, love it all out!

Noirin O’Loughlin, Midwife, VIC

Very organised & laid out course. I really enjoyed all the relaxation exercises. It is a very useful program and everything was explained very well. I can’t wait to get out & start teaching the good word!

Jessica Mulhall, Midwife, QLD

The training course gave us so much information and sequentially led us through in an orderly manner. I feel like there is a huge amount of support to enable me to move forward as a new HypnoBirthing Practitioner!

Marlene Winton, Midwife, WA

Look for the Gold Seal of Quality…

HypnoBirthing International (The Mongan Method) is the Gold Standard of HypnoBirthing Globally. We are the original and official HypnoBirthing Program here in Australia & the program chosen by the Royals! The Gold Seal signifies both credibility and professionalism of our Educators Internationally with accreditation from the HypnoBirthing Institute. This emblem is only given to those educators who have pushed themselves successfully to complete the extensive HypnoBirthing Certification and training. We have over 30 years of proven results and many, many successful, positive birth stories.