Ten ways to achieve a gentle HypnoBirthing

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Ten Ways to Achieve a Gentle HypnoBirthing

A large majority of women who choose HypnoBirthing as their method of childbirth preparation are able to achieve an easier birthing for themselves and a safer and gentle birthing for their babies. There are several common factors that they cite as key to making this happen.

  1. They searched until they found a birth attendant who would honor their request for a normal, un-intervened birthing and they were willing to change providers if they were not comfortable with what they were hearing from the provider.
  2. They discussed their preferences early and often with their care provider.
  3. They thoroughly embraced the belief that birth is normal, natural, and healthy, and they learned to trust their birthing bodies.
  4. They immediately dismissed thoughts or conversations that could interfere with their birthing dreams and chose to remain upbeat, rather than uptight.
  5. They recognized that good nutrition is essential and carefully followed the nutrition guidelines, avoiding late term surprises.
  6. They did not depend on finding time; they made time, to condition their minds and their bodies to achieve the kind of deep relaxation they would practice during birthing.
  7. They were consciously aware that their posture affected their babies’ birth positioning, and they avoided bucket seats and other compromising positions.
  8. They recognized that during this period it is more important to be a good parent than a good patient.
  9. They empowered themselves with the knowledge that birthing belongs to them, and they reclaimed and maintained ownership of their births.
  10. They firmly, but politely, expressed what they needed to ensure that their babies came into the world without drugs or chemicals in their bodies, and that their birthing experience was one of joy.
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