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Meagan Otu
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Meagan Otu

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Meagan is a certified HypnoBirthing Educator, inspiring gentle birth and life beyond for parents babies & children. Group and private HypnoBirthing Courses available in-person in Northcote and online. Meagan additionally works as a therapeutic clinician in mental health supporting individuals, children & families.

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


4 Reviews on “Meagan Otu”

4 reviews
  • Ramone Lewis

    Meagan is an absolutely amazing practitioner.
    She is so caring, empathetic and patient and these qualities are reflected in the way she teaches.
    The course was beautifully executed, with ample time for learning Hypnobirthing pedagogy and space to put these methods into practice.
    The meditations and breathing techniques were so relaxing and I would find my partner and I in a deep meditative state after our sessions.
    The “method” or philosophy of Hypnobirthing really resonated with me and really aligned with my yoga practice.
    I feel empowered to birth naturally, with the support of my partner and the techniques I have learnt from these sessions.
    It was one of the best courses I have done!
    Thank you Meagan, you are a natural teacher with a calm temperament. The perfect facilitator for a course such as this.

  • Dannielle Jeffrey

    We were so happy with our decision to hire Meagan as our Hypnobirthing coach. My husband and I found her sessions to be not only full of information and support, but also extremely relaxing and took us to a meditative state each week. We looked forward to each class and really feel as if we benefited from what we were taught, both for our birthing experience but also for our every day life.
    She took away the fear we had in our mind surrounding birth, and filled us with excitement.
    I would recommend hiring Meagan to anyone wanting to open their minds and experience a calm and nurturing birth experience. Thank you so much for allowing us to take the journey with you.

  • I couldn’t highly recommend Meagan more she has such an amazing presence about her and has a genuine care for all of her clients. Meagan took me through HypnoBirthing with my first pregnancy and it was such an eye opening and amazing experience. It really helped me through my pregnancy and labour I used a lot of the techniques Meagan showed me and made the whole experience a lot less scary as I didn’t know what to expect with my first pregnancy. Thanks so much Meagan will definitely be coming to you with baby number 2!

  • I hired Meagan as my Hypnobirth instructor and I couldn’t be happier. Meagan brought a wealth of information with her and much much more. She is a caring, intelligent and very warm person, who went way beyond, in regards to providing excellent care and a relaxed and happy environment. She helped dispel the myths associated with birth, and instilled a sense of positiveness and calmness. I have never felt so relaxed than when we practiced hypnosis for birth. My birth experience was different to what I thought, and I can say that the preparation we did with Meagan made a huge difference in remaining calm and positive throughout the day. Thank you Meagan for going beyond just being an instructor, and being such a empowering influence. Thanks again ?

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