ZENBands – Headphones & Eyemask All in One!

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ZENBands – Comfy & Stylish Headband, Headphones & Eyemask All in One

ZENBands are stylish, comfortable headbands made with cool, lightweight cotton that comes with removable, flat speakers on the inside that easily plug into your phone. Perfect for pregnancy and labour!

Unlike regular headphones, ZENBands are super-comfortable to use while relaxing, they don’t fall out of your ears, and put so little pressure on your ears that you feel immersed in a bath of pure sounds.  The ZENBand also works as an  eye mask in order to keep out disturbing ambient light, which helps enhance your body’s relaxation response.

You can also combine aromatherapy with the ZENBand by spritzing it with your favourite essential oil blend for a completely relaxing experience.  Keeping in mind the importance of colour on mood, the ZENBand uses the foundations of colour therapy and comes in a variety of different colours and designs.  It’s great for every day use, for  lounging around, for napping and also for stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety relief,  sound therapy, hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing and more!