Birth Story: 5cm to 10cm in 15 minutes

Birth Stories

A Fast and Positive Birth Story Using the HypnoBirthing Techniques

Going into my pregnancy, both my husband and I had ideas of what we wanted for the next 9 months and for our birth. Being my first child I wanted to be prepared and have as much knowledge as possible. We happened to meet Meaghan at an info session and connected straight away.
From there I had regular massages with her and the more we got chatting each time, I knew I needed to book in for her HypnoBirthing classes.
This was the best decision we made!! The knowledge and support we gained from these classes was amazing. Each class we left feeling positive and we couldn’t wait for the next week.
Along with the HypnoBirthing classes, I had weekly acupuncture & regular appointments with my obstetrician.
Our plan was to have a natural drug free labour and we got there in the end, we had a few hiccups along the way but with the knowledge we had gained we were able to make decisions ourselves that we knew were right for us and our birth.
We laboured at home for 8 hours, using the bath/shower and the relaxation techniques. I had the support of my husband, sister and my mum. They each took turns in back massages, bringing me fresh fruit, talking and breathing with me. As the contractions intensified we decided to head to the hospital where they examined me and bubs and we were then in the birth suite.
The shower was a god send for me, the feeling of the hot water on my back during each surge was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the bath as when my membranes released meconium was present, so we were hooked up to the monitors to keep an eye on lil ones heart rate.
However bubs was eager to meet us and in the next 15 minutes I opened from 5cm to 10cm and was ready to have our baby!
We welcomed our surprise boy into the world after 15 minutes and it is one of the greatest moments in our life. We got the natural birth we had wanted so badly and my baby was so alert and able to bring himself to the breast to feed.
I cant recommened HypnoBirthing enough. Not only does it give you the  the tools throughout your pregnancy but it gives you the tools for after your birth. Plus Meghan was always there answering any questions we had, which I had a lot. Her ongoing support and knowledge was just what we needed throughout this time.

Courtney and John attended HypnoBirthing classes with Meaghan Amor from the Gold Coast, QLD.

Meaghan Amor

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