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Georgia’s Dreambirth  – August 2014

What an incredible story behind these pictures……This beautiful HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method mummy who planned a peaceful homebirth for her little baby, had to cancel her plans at 29 weeks due to placenta previa. She had to prepare herself mentally for the necessary Caesarean birth…….3 ambulance rides, five weeks in hospital;….worrying about giving birth to a premature baby…..
every week was celebrated….grateful for each day her baby was able to grow inside her womb….

Helena Hentz, the HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method practitioner worked with her to talk to the placenta. She spent time visualizing her placenta moving away and freeing the path for her baby….. And yes, the miracle happened….This precious placenta moved away, freeing the birth path for this baby.

Little Georgia was born in an amazing empowering natural birth, at 38+4, weighing 3,56kg!

M & J, I will never ever forget the emotions I have witnessed and felt when your Georgia was born….. the incredible tears of happiness, the screams of joy, the relief, the love….

You are an amazing woman, a warrior, who believed in impossible and made her dreambirth come true
Love to your beautiful family

Helena Hentz
Helena is originally from the Czech Republic and worked in Austria and in Rep. of Maldives for several years before she and her husband came to Perth in 2006. She is a mum to two gorgeous children & during her first pregnancy she truly discovered her interest in pregnancy, birth and parenting; she found everything so fascinating. The birth of her son Zizou in 2007 was a life changing experience. In the last months of her pregnancy she learned about HypnoBirthing, and the techniques that she gained allowed her to look forward to her birth and enjoy every moment of it. After her beautiful and calm birth experience she realised she was on the right path to find the “something” missing in her life; the “work” that she could truly love with all her heart: Her initial interest has grown into a deep passion & she completed her training as a Doula and as a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Helena has welcomed more than 120 babies into the world since her doula training. Helena feels privileged to be invited to share this personal time with couples and truly believes that every woman and every baby deserves a positive and empowering birth experience. Helena is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and is affiliated with Childbirth International, HypnoBirthing® Institute, International Association of Infant Massage, Australian Doula’s and the Community Midwifery WA Perinatal Support Project for refugee women and migrants. Visit her website:

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