Sherie’s calm HypnoBirthing birth

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I truly loved my second HypnoBirthing birth and was pleasantly surprised at how everything fell into place even easier this time.

First time around we did HypnoBirthing to get more informed and prepared for our first baby, and it set the foundations for positive thinking and daily relaxation practice. As a high stress person these things were invaluable tools for me and everything we learnt back then continued to be relevant for our second birth.

In-fact I highly recommend doing some HypnoBirthing preparation as soon you know you are pregnant; this is such an amazing toolkit to have!

Our practitioner was excellent at being able to journey with each couple in the group sessions as she explained the techniques. I have much respect for her passion and it really gave me the confidence I needed to trust my body.

For my second baby I again practised my breathing  daily, and particularly found I was more confident, calm and focused this time around.

The labour was rather quick, and we were only at the hospital for less than an hour before my baby calmly arrived. I kept hearing my practitioners encouraging voice in my head, and was pleasantly surprised to have a totally pain free birth.

I am incredibly proud of myself that I breathed my baby down with no tearing at all.

Childbirth is a miracle and so is HypnoBirthing!

– Brisbane mum Sherie



Sherie and her husband David did HypnoBirthing Classes with Bree Taylor Molyneaux.

Bree is one of our wonderful HypnoBirthing® Gold Seal Practitioners in Brisbane, QLD and is also an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Visit her listing to find out more about Bree

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