The Intense, Powerful, Beautiful & Exhausting Water HypnoBirth of Chase

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I couldn’t be more grateful that I invested time into the 5 week Hypnobirthing course with Carrie at Joymamma!

We welcomed our baby boy “Chase Eddie Sutton” into the world 1.44 am 08/09. 7 pound 52 cms!

I started to feel really crappy that morning, by the time we finished the Wednesday morning yoga I was getting pretty intense period pain like cramps during meditation.

I got the sudden urge to give Carrie a big hug on the way out the door!
I went about my day grocery shopping stopping every 15 mins or so to breathe through what I wasn’t really convinced 100% were early surges. I texted my support BFF that did the course with me at 6 pm and surges were already about 6-7 mins apart and said you should come over now! My partner and Yolanda made sure I ate, I had my candles on, music, stayed in the zone kept thinking about everything we’d talked about in class.

By 10 pm surges had been every 4 mins for two hours lasting at least a minute, I needed to wait for that second hour to be sure, we waited another hour of surges being every 3 mins to hit the road. Got to Nambour Hospital at11 pm, midwife was excited I wanted a water birth and loved that we were HypnoBirthing (Annette- Nambour).

I got checked as I wanted to know where I was at – 6cms, got in the pool straight away. Yol and Gaz set up candles and oils, music, made sure I was comfy. It was all on from there, waters broke like a big bubble popping during a surge and next thing I was in transition (sooo glad I knew what that was!) spewed all through the bath, we all had a laugh, I was apologising for the smell apparently  I still have the sorest throat from my breathing, grunting – whatever you wanna call it!

In 3 hours he was here – it was intense, powerful, beautiful, exhausting, I had Carrie in my head saying “it’s only a minute or so at a time” so just focused on one surge not what was next … the midwife was amazing though barely said a word until the end and was just saying ‘breathe through it go with your body”! I was really impressed. Best thing I did was reach in and feel how far his head was down and getting closer, couldn’t believe I could feel a little head with hair in there!

He was so chilled out when he came out, I even refused the gas when I had to get a couple of stitches because I just wanted to be present with this little dude who was so so alert (stitches were top lip though not perineal! Massage the top too!)  I didn’t feel it at the time)

Anyways can’t thank you enough Carrie, we got the natural water birth we trained for and envisioned! I hope that helps other first time mummas get excited like all your amazing stories helped me.

xx Sally

Chase’s parents attended HypnoBirthing classes with Carrie Jeff on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Carrie Jeff
Mother of 3, Carrie is a Birth Doula, Registered Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Active Birth & Meditation Teacher. Carrie owns a busy yoga studio, Joymamma, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and is also a facilitator for the Sunshine Coast Positive Birth Movement. Passionate about holding a safe and sacred space, Carrie works closely with women to help them prepare their bodies and minds for the powerful experience of birth through regular HypnoBirthing, Active Birth and Pregnancy Yoga classes. Carrie’s belief and philosophy is that the more understanding and trust we bring to the amazing process of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, the more positive and life-enhancing our experiences can be.

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