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Pamela Walker
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Pamela Walker

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Group Classes @ Yoga4Life, 12 Paul St, Brighton. Saturday or Sundays
Private Classes also available, Monday evenings or weekends

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


2 Reviews on “Pamela Walker”

2 reviews
  • Steph Cordery

    I would not have had the birthing experience of my second child if it weren’t for Pamela. Her way of explaining and instructing hypnobirthing really changed my focus of Mr T’s birth from one based in fear and trauma, to one where I felt confident and in control and able to make informed decisions about my body and the birth of my baby. It even gave my husband the confidence to be an active and supportive participant in my birthing experience, which I didn’t even realise until he just started using some techniques with me and helped me through the transition phase.

    Hypnobirthing is an invaluable tool to use throughout pregnancy and birth. I’m still using the relaxation techniques even now so really I’d say that it is a life skill. Pamela’s passion really shines through when she is teaching hypnobirthing her warm and caring personality along with her sense of humour really put me at ease and allowed me to get the most out of our sessions together.

    Thank you Pamela for your knowledge and incredible passion around child bear and being such a fantastic advocate for mums to have autonomy over their own bodies. My wish for every pregnant woman is for them to have a Pamela in their lives!

  • Victoria Phethean

    I started HypnoBirthing quite late in my pregnancy with my second child.

    My first birth experience was good, however, after experiencing the course with Pam I found a new confidence in my body and in the choices/options available and as a result had the most empowering, joyous birth and recovery.

    Thank you Pam

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