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Penelope Large
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Penelope Large

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Enabling parents to approach pregnancy and birth with confidence and excitement so that they can bring their babies calmly and gently into the world. Offering both Group and Private HypnoBirthing Courses, bespoke birth preparation and post-partum care.

The story that brought me to being a HypnoBirthing Educator is simple really: The HypnoBirthing mindset and techniques helped my husband and I create two births more beautiful than we could ever have imagined. They were calm, informed and incredibly intimate experiences.

I want to spread this message of positive birth and help couples achieve a magical experience on their birthing days. I am combining my love of teaching gained through my Bachelor of Education degree and 15 year professional career (largely focused around training and communication) and taking these skills into a different space: the birth space.

I am passionate about helping couples write their own positive birth story, no matter what that might be. It is your journey and no one else’s. Helping women realise the full power and incredible deign of their bodies. Bringing the birth companion / partner into the birth space as an active participant who is involved in the birth in every way possible. You are no longer a bystander!
The sanctity of the birth space and birth environment. Create the environment you want to birth in, no matter where that physically is.

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Sandy Bay, Hobart

Sandy Bay, Hobart

Sandy Bay, Hobart

Sandy Bay, Hobart

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


9 Reviews on “Penelope Large”

9 reviews
  • Kat & Leigh

    Penny is such an enthusiastic and passionate hypnobirthing educator. She has really helped myself and my husband prepare for and look forward to the birth of our 2nd child. We feel like we now have a whole range of tools in our toolkit to help create a calm birthing experience that we did not have going into our first birth. She is very knowledgeable and was happy to share her and her husband’s personal experiences of hypnobirthing. The course is delivered in a stunning venue in Richmond which really sets the scene for relaxation and positivity.

  • Courtney

    We loved our course with Penny. She was so knowledgeable on all aspects of the course and what was being taught. Very approachable, accommodating and available to answer any further questions we may have had. We feel much more confident going into our birth and would highly recommend Penny to anyone who is considering a hypnobirthing course. Truely loved it thanks Penny!

  • Kimberley

    Highly recommend Hypnobirth course with Pen at Joyful Births as prerequisite for any expectant parents. It was a ‘joy’ to get to know Pen and learn from her – the course is a must! I found Pen’s knowledge instrumental in me feeling ready to birth my first child and for Matt to know what to expect and feel ready to support me. I want to also thank Pen for her generosity not only for making time to chat and answer questions but in sharing her own experiences – it made for a welcoming and inclusive experience throughout the course! Sincere thanks, Pen xxx

  • Sally

    I feel very lucky to have had Pen as an educator. She has deep knowledge of birth and the course lead me and my partner to a deeper understanding of the process of birth. We now have so many tools in our toolbox to support us to have an calm and safe birth. This is a fantastic course for couples as the birth companion will feel so informed and able to activity support their partner through birth. Highly recommended.

  • Ella & Kade

    We would highly recommend Pen if you are looking to complete a HypnoBirthing course! She is a very caring, personable and knowledgeable educator who established and maintained excellent communication from the day I enquired about our course and beyond when our course was finished. For myself and my husband, knowledge is power, and going into birth as a first time parents, I feel like we now have all the tools we need to advocate for a positive physiological birth. I feel very positive and clear that my husband will be an active support person in our birth and we will be able to make informed choices for the birth of our baby. Doing HypnoBirthing with Pen was exactly what we were looking for and we will be forever grateful we came across Joyful Births!

  • Anna and Matt

    Penny is an absolutely outstanding educator. She is incredibly knowledgeable, explains things clearly and patiently answered all of our questions. From the moment we first touched base on the phone, her excitement and enthusiasm for childbirth was infectious and exactly what I needed to hear to put me in a positive mindset to approach my birthing day. My partner Matt also got so much out of this course and it brought us together as a team so we know exactly what to do and are able to make informed decisions, whatever happens. Thanks so much, Penny for all of your support and passion!

  • Michael

    This is for men and support ppl too! There is a lot that the support person can learn. I found Penny’s course super helpful in giving me purpose and confidence. I was more relaxed and focused – thanks Penny!

  • Laura

    I am so glad that I took Penny’s refresher course. I had a different set of concerns for birthing baby number two and her informed, gentle and respectful approach to our hypnobirthing journey was so helpful.
    Penny helped me move from a place of nervousness to one of excitement and positivity. Even the obstetrician and midwives were amazed at how effective the techniques were.

  • Eeva

    An absolute must for any expecting couple! Joyful Births will not only prepare your mind for a calm and positive birth experience, she will empower you to build and pave your own journey. Friendly, approachable and oozing passion in every session delivery – we highly recommend Penelope!

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