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Robina May
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Robina May

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Robina May is a gold seal certified HypnoBirthing childbirth educator and midwife who teaches deep levels of relaxation for birthing, using the Mongan Method

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Highett, Bayside. VIC.

Highett, Bayside. VIC.

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


2 Reviews on “Robina May”

2 reviews
  • Robina May Listing Owner

    As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we were obviously over the moon with excitement. We hadn’t been trying for long at all and had only recently decided to “see what happens”. And after the excitement, came the fear. I’d always been afraid of giving birth. Good friends of ours had a baby in early 2020 and had completed the “Hypnobirthing Course” with Robina. They couldn’t speak more highly of the course and used all of the techniques learned during their smooth and natural birth. I knew I had to sign up. As soon as I did, my fear level dropped drastically knowing we were going to learn how to overcome this fear and enjoy the pregnancy rather than being scared. My husband Ryan also did the course with me for something nice to do together as upcoming parents in preparation for the birth and for him to be more involved with the pregnancy & Birth. We used the relaxation and meditation techniques during the labour (which we had practiced in the lead up) to stay as calm and in control as possible. Ryan also felt he was able to help me and guide me through the surges and during the birth. I had a truly wonderful pregnancy and even better birth!

    The first days and weeks after Raphie’s arrival were indescribable. A new feeling we never knew or thought existed. This little love bubble. I was running on adrenaline. I never felt sleep deprived (Raphie has been such a chilled baby and dream sleeper since he was born) and I just loved my new full time job of being his mum.

    By doing the course and practicing the relaxation and breathing techniques, I honestly feel Raphie benefited so much. He is so relaxed and he had no problems latching and feeding. We learnt that for the best outcome you need to relax and go with the flow as much as you can. I can’t recommend the course enough and I’m so grateful that we did it. Ryan is also so thankful I encouraged him to do it as he felt he could help me through the labour, the birth and the weeks after. I highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course with Robina. We were educated on our rights and options available for our birth of choice which we otherwise would not have known. The ongoing practice was also something so lovely to do with my husband in the lead up and the excitement for the birth. A truly wonderful course. 5 stars!

    JESS & RYAN. March 2021

  • I did Hypnobirth during my second pregnancy; I needed to come to terms with my unpleasant first labour and give myself the best chance of achieving a VBAC.

    Making peace with my first labour was an integral part of my positive attitude for the second one, along with the highly beneficial breathing techniques.

    Although I was unsuccessful in a vaginal birth, I fully credit the healing experience my anaesthesia free labour and inclusive ceasarean was to the skills I learnt in the classes.

    I wish we had thought to contact Robina and Cathryn while I was in labour, we think their input was the missing link.

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