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Rowena Howell
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Rowena Howell

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Rowena Fleur & Erin

We are 3 Bayside registered Midwives who come together with a strong background of childbirth education and love for our work with women and their families. A combined 46 years of Midwifery experience and 8 beautiful children between us (so far) we share the strong belief that all women should be given the opportunity to have a positive and safe birthing experience.

We know that sometimes the journey can take a different turn – that’s ok.  We have each had our own very different birthing experiences to draw on: vaginal breech, emergency Caesarean, normal births after caesareans, water births, home birth and almost didn’t make it to hospital births. Each of these births were equally special and powerful – and a gift to learn from.

We absolutely know, from witnessing hundreds of births, that the knowledge of how truly remarkable our bodies are is so powerful.  As is the ability to embrace all the incredible interconnecting systems that contribute to birth.  We will empower you to birth without fear –  working with your body’s innate abilities – not against them. We will guide you to fully embrace your Birthing Instincts.

“There is a secret in our culture and it’s not that birth is painful but that women are strong,” Laura Stavoe.

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


5 Reviews on “Rowena Howell”

5 reviews
  • Sacha and Tom

    My partner and I were recommended this hypnobirthing course by our private midwife and we were blown away by the quality of the program. Row’s experience and passion for birthing and empowering couples was infectious. Transforming any apprehensions or fears around birthing to excitement and confidence in my birthing body and babies abilities. The most beautiful part for me was watching my partner feel empowered and confident in the process. Sharing in this confidence and being informed and aligned on our birth plan is a total gift, making us both feel secure and comfortable with what’s to come. Thank you so much Row, we can’t wait to meet our baby fearlessly without reservations.

  • Aaminah and Hamza

    My husband and I were looking for a good hypnobirthing course after this was recommended to us by our GP. My colleague recommended Birthing Instincts and I am so grateful to her for directing us to this course. The program went above and beyond our expectations. We learned so much and had a good experience every day. Our course facilitators, Fluer and Erin, were kind, compassionate and full of information and advice. They made the class relevant to us and always guided us with patience. They were very accommodating. Doing the course over 5 weeks gave us enough time to practice the techniques learned in our classes and do our own reading and learning between classes. The pace was perfect. We highly recommend this course to all our pregnant friends. It helped take me from being terrified of birth to looking forward to it!

  • Ashley Barbieri

    We are so grateful that we found Birthing Instincts! We just finished our private course with Erin and it honestly went above & beyond all our expectations. Erin is so knowledgeable and passionate about birthing, she made us feel comfortable and supported throughout our entire experience. We’ve learnt so much valuable information and we now feel so confident going into our birth and having the most positive, calm & beautiful experience we can. Thank you Erin for being such an amazing teacher & support person over the last 4 weeks!

  • Elaine Tiong

    Dear Row,
    It’s taken us a while to find the words to truly express how blessed we feel that you were a part of such a special journey with us. There is no question we would not have been able to get through the labour without an epidural without you! Ha Ha
    You’re unwavering patience, love, support, advice, encouragement, and love was seriously so above and beyond!!
    The guidance you provided in the days and weeks following was the guardian angel we never knew we needed.
    In our times of crisis, just knowing you were there was the thing that helped us get through.
    We will remember you for a lifetime Elaine Luke & Mila

  • Bec Pascoe

    I can not recommend this course highly enough. We did private hypnobirthing classes with Birthing Instinct’s and it completely changed the course of things for us. I became so empowered and trusting in my body and ability to have the birth I really wanted. On the day I was able to advocate for myself with confidence and I had the most amazing birth experience, I honestly couldn’t have hoped for more. Not only that but my partner who had been anxious about the experience was so calm and prepared on the day and was the greatest support to me. I am so grateful for this amazing course and the birth we were able to achieve because of it. Thank You!

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