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Brooke Taylor-Gough
Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Brooke Taylor-Gough

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A very warm welcome to you!

Meet me, I am Brooke. I offer a range of holistic services including HypnoBirthing Education, Kinesiology, Jaw Reset, Reiki, Birth Story Medicine and Australian Bush Flower Essence blends. My passion for nurturing the pregnancy & birth journey is what lights my heart up & makes me sing. Of course it was born along with my son where I learnt that all pregnancy & birth journeys are unique & deserve to be respected & nurtured as such.

I am passionate about you & your journey. Pregnancy & birth can be a challenging time for many couples with mixed emotions but it can also be an incredible time for TRANSFORMATION, EMPOWERMENT & GROWTH.

All of this… is led by you & only you hold the key. Isn’t that the BEST?!

Be free of fear, be in the drivers seat, let go of expectations & prepare yourselves for a more informed birthing adventure, whatever that may look like… because the best is yet to come.

Brooke x

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Toowoomba, QLD

Toowoomba, QLD

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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator


12 Reviews on “Brooke Taylor-Gough”

12 reviews
  • Liz

    Brooke’s HypnoBirthing course was a complete game changer for us. We didn’t really know what to expect but it made both my husband and I feel calmer and have a stronger sense of confidence in the whole birthing experience. We completed the course for our first and my current, second pregnancy. There are so many little tools and pieces of information that you can take away that have the power to change your birthing experience, which can then impact how you look back, feel and remember this life event. For me personally even though a lot of things didn’t go to our plan I loved our birth and that was in a large part thanks to HypnoBirthing. The support and guidance it gave my husband as to what his role could be in the birth brought us closer together as a team which has carried on through our journey as parents. Brooke herself is informative, kind, passionate and a non-judgemental presence who is truly a delight to be around and learn from. We love you Brooke!

  • Madison Gilligan

    Brooke is passionate and extremely educated when it comes to all things hypnobirthing. Our Mondays were days we looked forward to where we would learn more information about hypnobirthing and be soothed through some relaxation techniques guided by Brooke. Although our “birth plan” changed due to certain circumstances we believe our beautiful baby entered this world so calm and relaxed due to the help of hypnobirthing taught to us by Brooke.

  • Ben Donaghy

    I’m so grateful for everything that I learnt during Brooke’s hypnobirthing sessions. They gave me confidence & the knowledge to support my wife as much as I could during her belly birth. I knew what questions to ask & was able to help make educated decisions. I was able to help keep her calm during uncertain times & these skills truely did support our daughters birth. We are so thankful for Brooke’s classes.

  • Simon Kopke

    Brooke was fantastic from the first info session all the way throught to checking in on us after the birth.
    As a husband, it felt good to be able to play role in the birth and not just be a bystander.

    We still use the lessons Brooke taught us today, not just for labour and birth.

    I would definitely recommend partners go to hypnobirthing classes because it makes you so much more confident of what is to come and how you can help.

  • Maddy Bento

    Brooke was so kind, knowledgeable, empowering and honest. I loved her sessions and even though we attended virtual sessions she always made us feel a part of the group. I feel grateful to have experienced the care and kindness that Brooke shared. Although we had a planned c-section for our baby, I used many of the tools that Brooke taught us and also really appreciated her checking in. No matter how you birth, Brooke is able to support you.

  • This was the best class my husband and I went through. Not only did it fill me with confidence about birthing our baby but it also gave my husband the confidence about how best to help us through this incredible journey. Brooke was so friendly and full of knowledge. Brooke kept in contact after the course to see how we were travelling with the birth of our bubba – funnily enough we were actually birthing just as Brooke sent an encouraging text which we saw afterwards and we thought how perfect was her timing haha 🙂 Do this course! You won’t regret it!

  • Cannot Recommend Highly Enough! We Were So Pleased With Brooke And The Content Covered In Our Birthing Classes. The Information And Exercises Were Extremely Helpful In Preparing Us For The Birth Of Our Little One, And Brooke Is So Friendly And Approachable And We Learnt A Great Deal And Our Minds Were Put At Ease. This Course Literally Changed My Life And The Birth Experience For Me, My Husband, And Our Daughter. I’m So Thankful We Found HypnoBirthing!

  • Birthing classes with Brooke are a must do for all expecting parents!!!! The classes themselves were extremely informative and really gave you a sense of comfort. The knowledge and skills that you gain and take into your birth without a doubt provide you the strength and capability to birth with confidence. My husband is a firm advocate that it gives the man a sense of purpose and the tools to assist his partner. Thanks to Brooke and HypnoBirthing I was able to manage a 30 hour labour with no pain relief other than saline injections and we had the calm beautiful birth I envisioned. These classes provide a platform to formed deep friendships with not only Brooke but other HypnoBirthing mums within Toowoomba. On another note the skills learnt got me through a 55 km hike last year over 19 hours. Knowledge for life!!

  • Doing HypnoBirthing with Brooke was the best decision we ever made during our pregnancy journey. I felt so calm, prepared and confident and so much more educated after completing the course…and so excited to give birth! Brooke is absolutely amazing, the most supportive caring person in the world, highly recommend doing HypnoBirthing with Brooke!

  • HypnoBirthing is a necessity for all Mothers to be. Brooke runs such an excellent program and I am so glad we did it for our first pregnancy. She has such a calming personality and really gets to know all of the parents/parents to be in the group. I feel like I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for something to prepare you for birth and beyond make sure you attend one of her free Information Sessions to find out more.

  • Brooke is just absolutely wonderful! She is a calming voice and a warm hug. My husband and I felt so completely blessed to have Brooke guide us in our journey into birth and parenthood. The tips and practices we learned truly helped to make my daughters birth a magical experience. I felt like Brooke was there with us every step of the way and we will never forget how she has touched our lives! I am not far off having our second little girl and I know that I will carry Brooke’s voice with me through this birth also. We love you Brooke!!

  • We first met Brooke in a free info night that she held via zoom (thanks covid). Right from our first interaction we knew that doing the course with Brooke would give us the information and strength to birth the way we wanted. She made us feel welcomed and a part of the HypnoBirthing family. Our birth went well and although it wasn’t exactly how we had first wanted, because we completed the course we were able to quickly and calmly adapt to the changes and we were still able to achieve the things that were most important to us when bringing our baby into the world. She has since checked in with us multiple times which I think is above and beyond. We have recommended her course to friends and family as we feel it’s a very valuable birth preparation and will continue to do so.

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