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Kate HypnoBirth’s royal baby George

Jul 30, 2013 | Media

Source: Essential Baby
Author: Fairfax NZ with staff writers

Kate Middleton delivered her son completely naturally, with no painkillers, according to the Daily Mail.

Four midwives monitored the baby, and the Queen’s former gynaecologist watched behind the glass of her suite throughout the 11-hour delivery (no pressure!). Two other top medics assisted, and made sure the birthing plan went smoothly. One of the medics, Marcus Setchell, delayed his retirement to oversee the birth of the child.

Middleton’s calm demeanour and the gentle support of Prince William moved the medical team, said the Daily Mail. There were no problems, scares, or alarms, and everything went to plan.

Sources say that Kate had been reading up on hypnobirthing in the months before her due date, in order to achieve a natural drug-free birth. It looks like it paid off!

Setchell oversaw the birth, and the team of midwives covered shifts over a 24-hour period. The doctor in charge of checking the health of the newborn, neonatalist Dr Sunit Godambe, said he was honoured to take part in the historic occasion.

The christening is the next event on the horizon for Prince George, who is expected to have three godfathers and three godmothers, like Princes William and Harry.

Pippa Middleton would “almost certainly” be named a godparent at the ceremony, as would Prince Harry, said friends of the family. Prince William would be likely to favour a close friend from prep school, and Middleton would want to include a friend from her days at Marlborough College.


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