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Elizabeth and Harley Talk to Trish Cumming Just Before their 2nd HypnoBirth!

Elizabeth contacted me in her first pregnancy, after a referral from our local Chiropractor at nearly 37 weeks.

Luckily for us all, Elizabeth was now on maternity leave and as her partner is a Personal Trainer, we could schedule our classes periodically during the day over the following two weeks. They both embraced the philosophy and enjoyed practicing all the techniques together. Elizabeth was sure of the date baby would be born. Just as she had predicted, baby was born on November 18, just a week or two after we finished classes.

I was very curious to hear about their birth and so in March the following year I followed up with Elizabeth and received this lovely reply…”I’m so sorry I never got back to you! I really want to thank you so much for helping Harley and I prepare for labour. I did a great job, if I do say so myself. It was a 26 hour labour but I loved the whole thing. After 22 hours I went to the Birth Centre and the nurses assured me I didn’t look like I was about to have a baby and that I should probably go home. I asked for a cervical examination first, at which time they realised I was actually fully dilated. I was in such a good rhythm with HypnoBirthing they couldn’t tell that my contractions were in fact 2 mins apart as I sat waiting for them. All the midwives were amazed how calm I was and asked Harley for your card! A total success, our baby girl was born on 18 November just as my dream predicted. You really helped us create a beautiful environment for our baby to be born into. The only problem i face now is convincing my pregnant friends that my story is real”!

18 months later Elizabeth contacted me once again to do a refresher for their 2nd baby. I suggested they might want to consider doing the entire 5 classes again, in order to have some time alone with baby number 2, and to perhaps go over some of the information again. They readily agreed and so attended HypnoBirthing classes (this time with plenty of time) with me in 2015. They birthed another beautiful girl in November of 2015 and luckily for us all was able to secure this awesome testimony just a day or two before baby number 2 arrived.

Trish Cumming
Patricia Cumming is a mother of three, a HypnoBirthing Educator (The Mongan Method), Childbirth Doula (Childbirth International) and is a qualified Hypnotherapist. Patricia (Trish) has always had a fascination with all things birth and was delighted when she became a mother herself initially in 1999. This fascination coupled with her own birth experiences was what lead her to become a HypnoBirthing Educator in 2006 and later a Childbirth Doula in 2010.

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