My 27 Hour HypnoBirth was More Incredible than I Even Imagined!

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Our beautiful princess, Sadie Winslow McDermott, was earth born on 30th January 2016, and the entire experience for me was soul changing …. more incredible than I even imagined!

We were prepared, we were supported, we were calm and we were excited. I say ‘we’ because thanks to HypnoBirthing my amazing husband learned how to help me throughout my labour.

While I learned how to breathe correctly, release all fear and tension to let my body and my baby do what they were so brilliantly designed to do, birth – Jack was holding me through every surge; encouraging me, kissing me, massaging me, showering me and feeding me, which allowed me to transform into my best birthing body totally drug free.

It was intense, it was absolutely challenging yet so beautiful and utterly euphoric ? It didn’t go entirely to plan but we adapted, together.. and the end result for this first time mumma was a 27 hour labour, no stitches, no drugs, and a healthy and calm 7.1 pound beautiful daughter.

What I wasn’t expecting from our labour was the love for my husband to grow far greater than I ever thought possible.

Thank you to our doula Carrie for your guidance and support, invaluable!! And the amazing midwives (Sarah and Hannah) at Nambour hospital , thank you. Together, magic really can happen.


Carrie Jeff
Mother of 3, Carrie is a Birth Doula, Registered Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Active Birth & Meditation Teacher. Carrie owns a busy yoga studio, Joymamma, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and is also a facilitator for the Sunshine Coast Positive Birth Movement. Passionate about holding a safe and sacred space, Carrie works closely with women to help them prepare their bodies and minds for the powerful experience of birth through regular HypnoBirthing, Active Birth and Pregnancy Yoga classes. Carrie’s belief and philosophy is that the more understanding and trust we bring to the amazing process of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, the more positive and life-enhancing our experiences can be.

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